Long prayers at the hall

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  • JH

    In every congregation there is always a brother who gives a marathon prayer. In my congregation there was a brother whose prayers were so long that I decided to time his prayer with my watch. It lasted about 3-4 minutes. And each time the meeting finished late. Why do some say prayers so long? It showed that he just wanted to show off, and give us the impression that he was sooo spiritual. Did that bother you when that happened?

  • blondie

    I heard Fred Franz give a 20 minute prayer once at an assembly. I had to go to the restroom too. My mother finally let me go. She had a few words to say about FF on the way home.


  • Nickey

    lol I know, my grandfather was one. That was so embarrassing everytime they had to interrupt him.

    "In Jesus's name we pray..... for all that you've done... and so we ask in his name...a...and we are so THANKFUL for your provisions...so again, we come to you in his name...how wonderful..."

    Imagine going through that everytime you ate dinner.

  • LB

    Same brother went to my hall. His lasted about the same although he exceeded 5 minutes on one at the book study one week. So just for fun at book study I decided to break his record. Everyone except the brother in question knew what I was up to and sort of snickered during my prayer a couple of times. I just kept plugging away, hoping that my point would be made. At the conclusion he tells me "fine heart felt prayer, wonderful job".


  • shera

    When a long winded brother was saying prayer,I was getting board and was fiddling around with the top of my pen and it flew arcoss room and hit him on the thigh.LOL. He was in good humor with it and ended the prayer....he said something like is that a hint.

  • LeslieV

    My girls when they were little would get so tired of standing with their heads down, that if the brother stopped for a second to take a breath all three of them would say AMEN!!! You could hear them all over the cong and people would either turn around or giggle. Can't tell you how many times their JW elder dad was counseled for not having his kids in tow. Or his wife for that matter. LOL I told all three of them if the brother is that rude to make people stand that long it was ok for them to say amen..maybe he would get the hint. As you can see no one is really surprised that I walked away hahah


  • no one
    no one
    Imagine going through that everytime you ate dinner.

    Until I moved away from home, I had not had a hot meal in 12 years.

  • hamptonite21

    LMFAO @ LB

  • Robdar

    Until I moved away from home, I had not had a hot meal in 12 years.

    LOL No One! Thank God, my daddy is a practical man. He was wanting to grub as much as we were.


  • JH

    Why can't the prayer be after the meal, so we could say "Thanks God for the Hot meal"

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