Long prayers at the hall

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  • bittersweet

    I was like Fredom96....I never payed attention to what was said.After 20 seconds or so my mind would wander...I would start to daydream.

    Not to change the subject....but did anyone here hate to say a prayer?Being a woman,this didn't come up too often,but when it did(like during a biblestudy with only sisters present),I would do everything possible to get out of saying the prayer.I had no idea what to say(thank you jehovah for this day of life...um....thank you for giving us the oppurtunity to study your word......um....umm....ummmmmm....please forgive us for our many mistakes......ummmmmmmmmmmmmm....thank you for sending your son to sacrifice his life for us..........ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...thru jesus name,amen),and my face would be red from embarrassment.

    Just curious if I was the only one who felt this way.


  • JNS2

    A kindly old brother, ms, was starting down the Altzheimers road, but still serving. In an opening prayer he forgot to say amen & just went on with what the meeting was about & finally invited the next brother up. The congregation was collectively like a group of bobbin head dolls, nobody seemed really sure what to do.

  • cruzanheart

    I chuckled during one long prayer when the pompous ass kept interjecting "in Jesus's name" throughout the prayer and every time he did some little kid piped up with "Amen!"


  • NoMoreJW

    Yes I HATED saying the prayer because I couldnt think of anything to say! I used to spend the ten minutes before working out what to say then dismissing it because I said it last time. Also, in the book study, the elder would have us bros take it in turns to do the prayer but because he was so senile he`d always forget whos turn it was and end up asking me. It`d go "Whos turn is it to open/close?".. long silence but everyone eligible would stare at me...... "Bro xxxxxx, would you open/close in prayer please?"... "Damn" (or a similar expression) Id think to myself followed by about a minute of incoherent babble ended with "AMEN!". Best prayer I ever gave was before a meal at a sisters house. The other bros conveniently arrived late (I wonder why?). Anyway, the prayer went "Rub a dub dub thanks for the grub!..... in Jesus name.. Amen!"

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