Long prayers at the hall

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  • freedom96

    I wonder how many people actually would listen to what was being said in the prayer. I always was thinking about other things.

  • JH

    Did anyone ever omit to say amen because you didn't approve the prayer

  • Athanasius
  • Athanasius

    Speaking of long prayers, does anyone here remember the September 1963 International Convention in Pasadena, California? Nathan Knorr was supposed to talk for 30 minutes giving the Concluding Comments. However, he went on for over 3 hours. Then he finshed with a concluding prayer during which he talked for another 20-25 minutes. That was the longest prayer I had ever heard. Anybody else remember that convention?


  • Robdar
    Why can't the prayer be after the meal, so we could say "Thanks God for the Hot meal"

    LOL JH,

    Amen to that!

    I think that we should do like our pets, eat it first, thank the humans later. Except in this case, we eat it while it's hot, then thank God for the food.


  • whyhideit

    Most annoying thing I ever heard done in prayer. Was when the "brother" actually quoted scriptures in the prayer. I was always thinking, "your quoting scriptures to Jehovah, didn't he write this book?" Seems like a very odd thing to do, and my stomach was normally yelling, "lunchtime brother, AMEN this thing already and let me hit the Taco Bell."

  • troucul

    We had oodles of brethren who loved to give 10 minute prayers...I used to look forward to them 'cuz I knew I wouldn't be bothered when I would fantasize about the hottie in front of me...God forbid they cut the prayer short while I wasn't paying attention otherwise I would have had to spend the next five minutes calming old Johnson down whilst milling about....

  • nativenyr23

    OMG!!!! this made me remember the prayer at my wedding reception. It wasn't bad enough that my prayer after my ceremony lasted an eternity, the prayer at the wedding reception that my ex-husband's fanatic uncle gave was an eternity. i was STARVING because I hadn't eaten all day (wedding was at 5PM, reception at 7PM). So he gave the longest ass prayer (i picked at my chicken during the prayer when no one was looking!)......and of course, the videographer taped the entire prayer. whenever i watch it....we fast forward thru the tape and it takes a good 4 minutes ON FAST FORWARD to go thru it....so you can just imagine!

  • blondie
    Then he finshed with a concluding prayer during which he talked for another 20-25 minutes

    I was there, Athanasius. What a crock! Part of the problem was it was the last assembly for that year of international assemblies.

    I hate it when they review the points from the assembly in the prayer, like God forgot or needed to be told because he was somewhere else that day.

    As Jesus said, do as they say not as they do.


  • GentlyFeral
    Until I moved away from home, I had not had a hot meal in 12 years.

    By contrast, here's the prayer my friend the theologian offered over the New Year's feast yesterday:

    "Baruch Atah Adonai, for this wonderful meal*, wonderful friends, and beautiful weather after six weeks of rain, it feels like! Come down and eat with us, Amen!"

    *cooked by himself!

    Gently Feral

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