Caring for the Child Molesters

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  • Swan

    In thinking back over the years past it makes me really sad what we have come to as Jehovah's Witnesses. I never thought I would ever be at this point in my life. There are so many that are gone now.

    In doing some new year reflections I can't help but think of the people I cared about in past years. Not just my family. There was a recent death in one of the congregations here of one of the child molesters and I think back to how much I cared for this man. He was always nice to me. It really hurt when it came out that he molested his granddaughters because he was such a nice person. I liked him. I pretended that when he died this past year that I was glad, because of what he did, but I really think that underneath I was saddened.

    And I have been thinking about all the other child molesters in the JWs lately. They must have friends and family who care about them very much if they would go to such extremes to cover it up. Some of the child molesters I didn't like, but there were some that were really nice and it was easy to care about these people. Maybe that's why there are so many child molesters in the JWs because they like want to have the new world society help them not be. And because people care for them even when they hurt kids.

    And what about the women? I still care about the women who abuse even if they did what they did. It is okay. I forgive them. I care about you. If you ever happen to read this, you know who you are.


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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    If you ever met my dad, you'd probably like him. He's a normal guy, fairly easy going, quick to smile and has a soft laugh. In fact, he's considered such a good ministerial servant, he was interviewed on a recent circuit assembly part as an example of "true Christian fatherhood". You'd never suspect what he did to me. No one else did.

    That's the thing, isn't it? These "people" put up such a nice facade so they can continue to diddle little kids behind closed doors. No one wants to believe. Other people got to know my father, and like him. I never got the chance. I was too busy.

    So who's worse? The rapist, or the people who allow the rapist to continue to rape?

    I say both should be damned.

  • JamesThomas


    Your probably going to get some heat on this one. However, I feel what your saying.

    In a way my heart goes out to everyone. No matter how good or bad they seem to be.

    It's as if we all our somehow deeply wounded. Desperately reaching out for a sense of wholeness, and sometimes hurting others in the process. Some people even fly planes into buildings in hopes of a closer sense of God. It's all quite insane really. The results of spiritual crisis.


  • donkey

    I take issue with most of the points raised here:

    Maybe that's why there are so many child molesters in the JWs because they like want to have the new world society help them not be

    There has not been to date any evidence to suggest that there is a higher percentage of molestors amobg JW's than the population as a whole. I know the system is flawed, and that many have been badly hurt but facts should not be twisted based on emotion.

    Secondly, I do not think proven molestors should be cared for. They should be taken care of - by whatever means necessary to ensure they never harm another child ever again. I would not shed a tear for the death of ANY molestor.

    Jack the Reaper

  • LB

    Some of the child molesters I didn't like, but there were some that were really nice

    Swan I guess it's good that you can see something positive even in a disgusting molestor. I am not capable of that. I hate every last one of them and wish them all the worst.

  • wednesday

    I was molested me at a very young age, There is nothing i could do to him or anyone else could do that is as bad as what he did to himself during his life.Through therapy, i have learned to forgive and get on with my life. And no i'm not a sappy person that feels i must forgive. It just works out better for me, and he punished himself far more than i ever could have.

    Many people who molest, were molested themselfs. That is why we must try and help the molested child as early as possible, before they grow up to be a molester.

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  • RubyTuesday
    And because people care for them even when they make a mistake or two.

    I believe the definition of mistake commit an unintentional error. There is nothing unitentional about raping a child.Statistically child rapest do not "make a mistake" once or twice....once they get a taste for it they are hooked .A "nice" person would never destroy a childs life. They don't have human compassion and don't deserve to recieve it.

    I hate my niece's rapest and I hate my sister for allowing it to happen and standing by her sick man instead of being there for the real victim...her daughter. Anyone that would cover for a child rapest and stand by a child rapest is sick to the core.

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  • Trauma_Hound

    You will never convince me there is anything good about my uncle, who raped my sister, and 6 of my cousins. If I could legally get away with it, I would kill the man myself.

  • Mulan

    I also find it hard to say anything positive about the molesters I know of. They are all sick men, and in my opinion, the world would be better off without them. If they could legally be put out of their misery, it seems like a good solution for all involved. I believe they are incurable.

  • LB

    I think Tammy (Swan) has a very kind and forgiving heart. I'm more along the lines of Charlie here. Maybe we should set up an exchange Charlie? Quid Pro Quo?

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