Caring for the Child Molesters

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  • RubyTuesday

    Call me an extremist...but I have to agree with Trauma Hound. I've known too many people that have worked with child molesters and they all say they cannot be rehabilitated. There are some Countries that execute you on the spot for rape of any a child or adult....those countries very rarely have rape commited...maybe once every few years if that.Our country needs be stricter .

  • safe4kids

    I understand where all of the anger and desire for vengeance is coming me. I think the point to bear in mind here though is that, as much as we might individually like to rip the heads off those who prey on children, that's not a viable option in our society. The facts are that currently, the rehabilitation rate of pedophiles is extremely low (can we say almost nonexistent?); those who hurt children rarely go to jail, and even when they do, they are eventually released; obviously, current programs in place to deal with and prevent child sexual abuse are ineffective. Therefore, it's time to consider alternatives to the way we as a society have been approaching the problem. After all, what's more important...getting revenge or protecting future victims?

    I hope that NO ONE reading this gets the impression that I favor letting pedophiles off with a slap on the wrist. In fact, in the class where the above article was discussed, I was the most vehement voice of opposition, making many of the same arguments that have been expressed here. Personally, I would like to have every male who hurts a child sexually to be castrated; those are my PERSONAL feelings. Looking at the bigger picture though, and looking at in terms of what the reality is, I'm all for exploring alternative methods that may be successful in altering the actual behavior that is causing the problem in the first place. Simply put, what do I want more? Revenge and retribution for the hurt I've suffered or the protection of future victims? Cause let's face it, the way the system is now, there are guaranteed future victims, no matter if the pedophile is caught and locked up, as eventually he will be released. Ideally, I would like both...I'd like revenge and I'd like to make sure that an offender would not harm another child.

    The discussion about the Circle of Trust and the Aboriginal Way of Healing is just that... a discussion of alternative methods that MIGHT work better than what is currently in place. It's not meant to offend anyone nor is it meant to release those who hurt children from responsibility for the damage they've done. It's a very sensitive subject and many who read this are in various stages of healing, so I want to be sure that that's recognized and to say that if I've caused any hurt or other negative feelings, then I sincerely apologize.

    Obviously, no program is going to be 100% effective...and by that I mean those programs that are legally enforceable, not the ones that go through all of our minds when we read about innocent children having their childhoods ripped away from them or when we contemplate the immeasureable pain and harm that may have occurred in our own lives or the lives of those we love.


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  • Trauma_Hound

    We have the power to change society, the laws need to be changed to put these cretens away for life period, that is the only way to protect people from being victimized by these dangereous criminals period. No "Rehabilititation" program will ever be 100% affective, the only 100% affective method is to lock em up and throw away the key. This is not about revenge, but prevention, and that is the only 100% sure way to prevent it.

  • Swan

    Dear SheliaM,

    You wrote:

    I wish I could be as willing to "try" as Swan I don't forgive anyone that hurts a child, period and the chances of a molester doing it again is to much if it's only 1%.

    I do not advocate that. I'm not forgiving all child molestors, just two. They made mistakes and I forgive them.


  • RubyTuesday

    With all due respect...Tammy...whether you forgive them or not you don't have to live with the damage they bestowed on the victims day in and day out.I've seen the aftermath of what abused children have to cope with for the rest of their lives. Their "mistake" or if you want to call it "hurting children"does'nt change the fact that their childhood spirit has been ripped away from them....forever.

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  • Swan

    With all due respect...Ruby...I DO have to live with the damage. In the case of these two people, I still love them and I forgive them for what they did to me.


  • SheilaM


    As I said you are more of a forgiving person than myself.

    Forgivness also doesn't mean forgetness

  • Swan

    No SheliaM, it doesn't mean forgetting. I will never forget, ever!



  • RubyTuesday

    I truely apologize if I upset you. I have no idea really what you have been through. Who am I to judge anyway. I'm just getting tired and sometimes I don't know when to shut up...Very Very sorry.

  • avishai

    Swan, I admire & somewhat understand your compassion & empathy.

    That being said, I don't have as much anger & need for vengeance, like the idea of torturing them that I used to have. But, they have to go, just like a rabid dog. Simon, 70% is good, but not good enough

    Death penalty=0% reoffense rate. 100% success rate. Is'nt that great, 100%!!!!! And w/ todays DNA technology, its pretty easy to get these guys for sure. I'm not out for vengeance, these people are sick, the only total cure is permanent containment or death. And while I wish containment were a viable option, it is very expensive. We have chldren in this country dying of poverty & neglect. And abuse. I may sound like a terrible pragmatist, but I will side w/ the kids every damn time, & would rather spend the money helping them than keeping a child molester alive in prison for 50 yrs. I dont want them cruelly treated, just gone.

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