Are elders more spiritual

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  • JH

    Are elders more spiritual or just better qualified to teach? Does the watchtower choose their leaders for their spirituality or their leadership?

  • LB

    Many factors involved. Ability to speak, time spent in service, leadership, spirituality.

    And of course the ability to kiss ass.

  • bay64me

    They probably choose them 'cos they do as they are told!

  • JH
    They probably choose them 'cos they do as they are told

    That means that they would be good in any religion !

  • bay64me


  • Elsewhere

    I believe there is a recent WT that explains this... the Elders are appointed based on whether they meet the requrments outlined in the bible. Further, because the bible is supposed to be "inspired by holy spirit", these Elders are therefore appointed by holy spirit.

    Tell me THAT is not a load of BS.

  • freedom96

    They are picked from those who are the most loyal, and who kisses ass the most. Then they can be allowed into their little circle.

  • JH

    I know a brother who had a cleaning contract with Hydro Quebec, the brother needed about 50 brothers and sisters to clean a building. There were about 5 in charge to tell the workers where to go. Yes you guessed it right, it was the elders telling people where to go work. I can understand that in the congregation the elders are the leaders, but when they are cleaning, they should be equal to the others. Why were the elders in charge to tell the others where to clean. I would have loved to see an ordinary witness, even a sister, tell an elder to go do this or that. So I believe that the elders are appointed in the congregation mostly because of their leadership, not their spirituality.

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    This is how a CO explained the appointing by holy spirit:

    The Holy Spirit makes the BOE take notice of a brother who is reaching out. It is as if a light was shining specifically on that individual. Then the BOE takes a closer look at this individual, to determine if he is living up to the qualifications outlined in the Bible.

    Ya, right...


  • Athanasius

    Sometimes elders are selected because of their teaching ability. But most are chosen because they follow orders. Being buddies with the Circuit Overseer is a great help too.


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