Are elders more spiritual

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  • mouthy

    Tut ! Tut! Now I do feel lousy- I have always bragged that the Elders used to tell me "Grace if you were a brother -you would be an elder by now" Oh I HATE kissing a.....s( sounds like glasses)

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Yes - completely possessed

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  • Mary

    The only qualifications for being an elder are: being a Yes Man, being an ass-kisser to the present elders; having no more than a high school education, having limited intelligence (we don't want any independent thinking now), and of course being either a window washer, a painter, a cleaner or as has been brought out here before, a cheese and cracker man........the only other thing you need to do is to fake at least 10 hours a month out in Service


    My take on the matter is this. Anyone can be a MS or Elder. All you've got to do is fake it. It has nothing to do with Holy Spirit. Make all the meetings go out regularly in service,comment at all the meetings. Start reaching out for more responsibility. In other words just play the game. You can be a drunk you can smoke screw anything you want. Just continue to play the game. Look good in the Elders eyes and you to could be an Elder.


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