Are elders more spiritual

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  • imanaliento

    then there is always a little nepatizuim involved.

  • outoftheorg

    Most of the elders I knew were much more spiritual oriented than any one of my fence posts. only a few were more spiritual than my blue heeler dog.


  • hillbilly

    all (current) elders -should meet the basic priciples of any good mid level manager:

    • whoever talks the loudest MUST be in charge, and
    • That guy with the biggest key chain, now he must be important

    Back years ago I knew some servants /elders that were truly good Sheperds. Intellegent , men tempered with a spirit of mildness and all the other factors required in Scripture. Plus they were just DAMNED GOOD men.

    Most if not all of those are dead or out by now. I don't think that I have been able to find 5 elders that could pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel in the last 20 years.

    Pious-yes----Spirtual no---------- I KNOW there are a few good men still in there... FOLLOW your HEARTS boys!

    Sometimes elders are selected because of their teaching ability. But most are chosen because they follow orders. Being buddies with the Circuit Overseer is a great help too.
    Yep-- Ive seen a couple of appointments bought and sold myself.
  • GeddyLee

    Well Stan, if your theory is correct. Than the holy spirt got a hold of some refractive mirrors, and maybe some fibre optic cables in order to shine that light on me. I say this because the night my appointment was announced to the congregation, I was at a hockey playoff game, there was no way on earth I was missing that game, we won too, so maybe the holy spirit really did direct things afterall. Geddy

  • IslandWoman

    Are elders more spiritual or just better qualified to teach? Does the watchtower choose their leaders for their spirituality or their leadership?

    Some are good speakers, others good followers, some are well connected in the congregation and can open their mouth without putting their foot in it too many times, some are graying MS who are given a badge for long years of service, some take the lead in field service, some have learned to play the game really well and have molded themselves to look like the perfect elder and others are good spiritual men who love God and the brothers.

    I have known elders who fit all of the above. Obviously holy spirit has little to do the appointment of elders.


  • kelsey007

    The are more orgamizational... Bottom line. They stick to WT teaching and policy and do not question the org. And they know how to use the bible and WT books to effectively lead others.

  • minimus

    Here's the deal.....A body of elders looks at a man through the lens of a microscope. Twice a year, they check the same guy out and discuss his good points and his bad ones. They do this for about 3 years, give or take a year. {meanwhile, the man hasn't made any real significant changes}. Then they pick him apart some more, until someone says,"We all know Brother Consistent is a good brother. He takes cares of his duties dilligently, he goes out in service every weekend and he even helps Sister Grouchy (who all elders can't stand). Yes, Brother Consistent's wife can be a handful, and yes, she has had to be corrected in the past, but Brother Consistent can't force his wife to be perfect. He can only carry his own load." .....Now the rest of the body give due consideration to this elder's wisdom. Finally, a different elder says, "I believe this Brother is clearly qualified to be an elder. I think we should now take a vote". ....And then, miracles of miracles, a letter is read from the Governing Body stating that THEY have appointed a new elder to serve in the local congregation......P.S...... The BEST part of the process is listening to all the other imperfect elders spout on how the prospective servants should be doing this and that, while they themselves don't do it!

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    OK ; cut all the crap i have read many a new wt a year or two old ... that state that the edlers ARE APPOINTED BY JEHOVAH'S ACTIVE FORCE ,THE HOLY SPRIT so all the edlers are appointed by jehovah ann directed by jesus.. it don't matter if they are child molester's, swindlers, or beat their flock , put a heavy yoke on them, or are CO ASS LICKERS .. the holy sprit appointed them . so says jehovah's channel of earthly commication on earth today... so we all need to submit to them if we want to get jehovah's blessing.... if anyone has a problem ,with following the modern daY jeremiah ,have i got a book i mean a bible study for you.......john

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    Hi Geddy,

    I was at work when they announced my appointment. That theory has to make you wonder though. Remember Atkins stumbling home drunk while he was an elder? Wasn't he screwing one of his wife's studies too? I guess the HS didn't see that one correctly. Or maybe, just maybe, the JW world has nothing to do with God, his HS or anything even remotely related to that.


  • Francois

    What spirituality? That's got nothing to do with it. They measure the knee-jerk response and if it's fast enough the guy's in.


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