How Do YOU Help People Out Of The Watchtower?

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  • minimus

    What have you personally done to help people come out of the Watchtower? Are you actively speaking to your friends and/or family about what you now believe? Were you disfellowshipped for speaking out against Jehovah's Witnesses? Are you trying to be careful about exactly what you say so that in time, you can help a person get out?

  • Farkel

    : How Do YOU Help People Out Of The Watchtower?

    I yell at them.


  • Joyzabel

    Farkel, I thought you served them pizza


  • no one
    no one
    Are you actively speaking to your friends and/or family about what you now believe?

    I would, but I don't know who to turn my time in to.

  • shera

    I would love to know..

  • RR

    Give them a Bible!


  • Athanasius

    You can't get them out unless they want to come out.


  • minimus

    RR, Glad to see you! How's everything in the Bible Student world? I must ask you, why did you leave the Witnesses to join the "original"? Talking about the Bible, you couldn't possibly give help to a person to get out of the JW's while you try to uphold the false teachings of C.T. Russell, could you? I have always been fascinated by the early history of the Society and Russell. I am interested as to how you could promulgate the writings or thoughts of the first President of the Society. I've read quite a bit of your comments in the past about the Bible Students and I know that you are sincere. So what gives???.......The Bible is a great answer but most people want to know how YOU would use the Bible correctly.

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  • minimus

    I just spent the last hour with my mother. We continued our discussion from yesterday concerning why I feel the "faithful and discreet slave" is simply not true. Today, she tried to reason on that since Jehovah "always has used an organization" (her words), that today Jehovah must use the "slave". So I had her explain to me what Jesus' view was when he came came to do his inspection. She said that after being refined in prison, the "slave" was rewarded by the Master with his "belongings".And that they realized the error of their ways and discontinued Christmas, fear of man and the cross. When I told her that the Bethel family was still celebrating Christmas, a decade later, she didn't know what to say. Then I told her that cross was used on the cover of the Watchtower for years after 1919. So much for being rewarded for their faithfulness! She acknowledged what I said was true and said she had to say that she's understanding my reasons for not believing. My mother is in her late 70's and sickly. I do not expect her to change her life around but she always brings things up to me. She started off by asking me whether I'd seen the Boston Globe article on the pedophiles. She agreed that the Society's policy is flawed....So, you never know.

  • Sangdigger

    Thats a good set of questions. And of course i think it differs somewhat with each individual. I've tried talking to quite a few, and some will nod their heads like they are listening and remain fairly quiet, while others are downright hostile from the start. I'm not sure exactly where to start, but i dont think i would start with doctrines. Maybe just ask them to name one phrophecy the org. predicted that came true. Or remind them of some flip-flop teachings like organ transplants, or tell them about the blood issue teaching (refer to Franzs second book)

    As i am writing this, i am currently faced with this same situation. Even though i am shunned by most local JW's, a middle aged couple moved back to the area just recently, and i knew them from my childhood. I ran into the guy about 2 months ago, and we talked at length. I could tell by his conversation, he was now very active, so i shyed away from the topic. I dont think the locals have warned him of me yet, because we both lived in a different town than we do now. But 2 days ago, his wife called, and said they would take me and my wife out to eat if we would go to the circuit overseers talk with them. I am supposed to call them back, and yet i am hesitant, simply for an absense of words. What do i say, and where do i start? Of course, i wont take them up on the offer, but would really like to see them again......i think.

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