I need a female weight loss buddy....support help!

by scootergirl 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • LB

    I know better than to get any support from my husband ("Oh, you look fine, honey")....

    The husband is a very wise man

  • scootergirl

    lol LB.......sounds like you may have some experience with this sort of situation? LOL

  • LB

    Scooter I've been around long enough to know better. Also there is no correct answer to "Am I fat?". You just proved it. Hubby said you look fine, so he's wrong again

    Yep getting old has it's advantages, you never expect to win.

  • animal

    We have a common joke around the house here....

    I was given a pair of swim shorts last year... I put them on, they are way big. I ask the wife "Do these make my ass look fat?" ... she says "No, your ass is fat with or without them!".

    Our humor isnt lost on this. She wouldnt ask me about her weight, cuz I will answer honestly. I havenet been slapped yet.....


  • Xena

    Cool link flower & scooter...I signed up too

  • scootergirl

    yehaw........! Thanks, you guys.....it feels nice to know that I can get xdubdom support AND weightloss support from the same people!

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider


    <sheilaM stealing a post> This is a great sitesigned me and hubby up, it's really hard to go by standard weight with him thought he has freaky musculature and if he weighed what they wanted to all that would be left is calfs LOL He is built like Wolverine on the x-men, his whole family is muscular freaky LOL


  • LyinEyes

    Me too Scooter,, Ihave to drops pounds or I will diabetic, doctor is worried I will be just like my dad, and he told me my bad cholestoral levels are way too high, just like my dads, if diet doesnt work I may have to go one meds. My dad lost weight and it stilll didnt work for him, so he is on meds because his liver doesnt function properly and meds for diabetics even thou he lost all his weight.

    So I am really trying to do something about it ........last 2 day I have done great.

    I made a thread a few weeks ago about Support for diet and exercise, read some of the suggestion on there,,,,,,,,,,really good ones. I have found that Scarlet and FrankyFourVest,,,,,,,, have some great advice. In fact I am under order from FFV to get this book called "Fatwars" because he said it made him feel wonderful.

    That is what I am after more energy, a healthy body, what ever weight that might be, I want to turn the clock back ya know.

    Good luck,,,,,,,,, and any time you want to talk, email me, call me, what ever,,,,,,,,,, I need support too......... So far the support I have gotten has kept my mind on track......... it really works.

  • Been there
    Been there


    I signed up too...but there are so many boxes. When you's guys figure out how it works let me know.

  • scootergirl

    been there......check your mail!

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