I need a female weight loss buddy....support help!

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  • scootergirl

    Okay......first of the year.......goals to be made and achieve (hopefully).

    One of my goals is to drop a few pounds and firm a few places. I know better than to get any support from my husband ("Oh, you look fine, honey")....so I was wondering if there is anybody (preferrably female) on the board that would be interested in supporting me/and me supporting them (weight loss goal). I have read of a few females that are trying to lose a few extra......so I am pretty sure I am not alone.

    I am trying to focus on eating more healthy and cutting down on snacks. Also, I need to get my butt out and do some sort of exercise.....anyone interested?

  • Xena

    So how would this work exactly???

  • scootergirl

    Xena.......this is what I need.

    I need someone that I can email back and forth with.....NOT to be put on the board! lol....this would be strictly OFF the board stuff!

    Someone to share my weight and measurements with.......someone to share a food diary with. I need and want support......pat me on the back when I am doing well, kick me in the a** when I need a good swift kick (but not too hard). Someone to share goals with.....

    I need someone totally serious about doing this too. I know that I can do this......but it will take a whole lot of self discipline.

    I need someone that wants to achieve the same goals as me. Someone that needs support too......because I can be a good cheerleader too, you know!

    I am open to any suggestions......I just know that it is time for a change....and nothing changes if nothing changes.

  • talley

    "So how would this work, exactly???"

    I don't know. But I do know that I am more than willing to do this with you, scootergirl, be it e-mail, message board, telephone, instant messenger, whatever.

    Losing to my goal would make it possible for me to dance and ride again - two of my three passions in life. Would put be back into the 'foxey' catagory, an old fox, but it beats the alternative. Count me in.

    talley/Judy PS See you Sautrday evening !!!!!!!!!!

  • lisavegas420

    PLease....me to ....me to.....



  • flower

    Scootergirl & co..

    You know what might be a good idea is to have your buddy(s) sign up to http://www.fitday.com

    Its a great site where you can keep daily track of your food/exercise/weight goals ect. And you can make your daily weight diary public to other people if you want so you can know how each other are doing and support each other. If you are honest in keeping track of your foods and exercise you will each know what the other did each day and can encourage each other on bad days. It elps to have a little competition/encouragement.

    Weight loss is one of my New Years Resolutions too so if you want I'll be your partner in this.


  • scootergirl

    Goodness gracious.....if ONE buddy is great.......imagine how much more great ALL of us would be together!

    I just know, from personal experience, that I do so much better with support than when I try to do something alone.

    Okay, girlies.....how do we go about this? Can we all be support for one another? My organizing brain is a little tired after the Secret Santa stuff.......

    Flower........what a GREAT site! I just took the tour and am signing up now! Thanks!

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  • scootergirl

    Forgot to add.....


  • Xena

    Well I know I do better when I have accountability outside myself, but I suck at returning emails...why is it so much easier to post to a forum then return emails??? Am I the only one like this??

    Anyway....would be nice if we could get some type of circular thing going..the more people to push me the better!

  • scootergirl

    I love that site, Flower! I registered under mnscootergirl and am adding my food that I ate for breakfast already! Wow.....it keeps track of everything! I found out that I am "overweight"......but I knew that already........put in my target goal and the date of when I want to reach it (look out GREENBAY APOSTAFEST!)

    Maybe this is a site that we could sign up for......(free)......we can get links for our "journals" and send them to each other. No one else but us would see them. Whatcha think?

    Xena.....I completely understand about returning emails! What about a weekly email? Take a look at this site, see what you guys think.......then maybe once a week check in w/each other? Of course, I would need to email for support when that bag of potato chips start calling me.........

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