I need a female weight loss buddy....support help!

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  • dins

    New Year's is always a time when people start those resolutions..I know...I lost over 60 pounds (5 stone for you UK people) about 7 years ago. Having been chubbyish most of my adult life, I now try to eat right and exercise regularly. I was also a Weight Watcher's leader for several years and I am a fitness instructor now part time. So if you need help give me a shout diana_n68@yahoo.com if you need advice on nutrtion or what kind of activities you should be doing.

    From experience, I can tell you that taking the weight off is simpler than maintaining it in the long run, so I wish you all good luck and let me know how you all "weigh in."

    Diana :)

    PS - take measurements. that's real important. And if it depresses you too much (like it did me) have your partner or mother do it and then put it away!.

  • kelpie

    I would love to sign up!!!!

    I want to have lost alot of weigh by the the end of 2003.

    I have already joined the local gym...

    Please count me in too!!!!!!!!

    edited to add, I have signed up at FitDay.com....

    Lets all get skinny together.... I know that I have alot of weight to loose. If some one is up there with me, please let me know


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  • Jesika

    Count me in!!!!!!!!

    I got a gym membership for my birthday, and it included 5 sessions with a personal trainer.

    I want to loose 10lbs and tone everything too. I will also be getting advice on what kinds of foods I should eat to be healthy and maintain the loss of weight.

    So, count me in, I will be going to the gym in a couple days to start my process and would love to tell you guys what I will be learning in these sessions. Plus my mom is studying to be a personal trainer so I will be like her "test subject".

    Scoot I will email you hon.


  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Mr. SheilaM here. I do not have a freaky musculature! I'm just big boned

  • Scarlet

    If you guys want recipes and menu planning I write down everything I eat and have come up with some pretty good menu plans. Also Exercise is neccessary and can help you with some ideas with that too if you want. I went from a size 12 to a size 6 in 4 months. My goal is a size 4 by May because I know these last few pounds will be the hardest. If any of you need help let me know. Remember to write down everything you eat.

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