who loved???? the written review

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  • nightwarrior

    actually i was one of the sad ones that use to love to try and remember what I had learnt, but after some time the written review became tedious and oh so boring......

    but I recvd a phone call today from my mam who informed me that the written review was being changed to an oral review .... oh the excitement.... you know, to save on the costs, plus that 'we' are progressing???? (my mam's words)... oh dear, I am so glad I am away form the lot of 'em.

    did you ever notice how the hall attendance would diminish drastically when the w.r. was taking place???? maybe after all these years, someone, somewhere has taken the hint......

    Oh well I can be counted out anyway.....

    I hope that your replies are amusing?!

    Mrs Nightwarrior

  • ozziepost

    Wasn't that the "Rotten Review" ?

  • AnotherEscapee

    Weren't the answers always - or substance!

  • musky

    Yes, I enjoyed the written review. I think it was because it was something DIFFERENT on a Thursday night. I could not stand the same old thing week after cottin pickin week. I always enjoyed any change of pace. I remember a Sunday talk given probably 20 years ago that was very interesting becauase it was DIFFERENT. All about the kingdom songs, music in general. He even had different instruments set up on stage and played a little. Lots of laughs and fun. Same reason I liked the slide shows too , I guess.

  • Wolfgirl

    I liked them, and looking back, I think it was because it was the only meeting where there was a half hour of general silence instead of listening to the same thing over and over again. I finished them early (yes, I actually did do them), and then could let my mind wander.

  • blondie

    I can remember the written review when the questions weren't provided in the KM insert. You just showed up and when the sheet was handed to you, that was the first time you ever saw the questions. That required that you prepare for and/or be at all the meetings or there were be a significant gap in your answers. They used to be handed into the school conductor for grading, then later handed one over to the person next to you to grade. The questions for the oral review will still be in the KM.

    Blondie(who missed the last written review)

  • Gopher

    I liked the "true-false" guess questions, the "multiple choice" questions, and the "match the scripture to the obvious phrase" questions.

    But the first 10 questions were essay questions. They actually wanted us to remember something written in a publication... It was hard to know whether to mark your answer right or wrong...

    Now I guess there will be no marking right or wrong. If you give a wrong answer during the oral review, your humiliation will now be public! (Expect the same 2 or 3 "spiritual" people to answer the essay questions, if they still even have them!)

  • Xena

    I used to cheat

  • bay64me


    You pinched my reply!

    I suppose too, that the faithfull and indiscreet clever bastards, that are able to quote, retain and regurgitate, will be the ones to p-a-d-o-u-t the entire oral review, whatever.

    An opportunity to allow the mind to wander off on to things of more importance, like, how to make an escape from this bullshit and taking the pee out of those that are vigorously exerting themselves in providing answers so that the saddo on the platform dosn't feel such a dick!

  • LB

    I actually enjoyed it. A meeting where I wasn't expected to comment.

    Now it's done orally? I thought oral was against the rules???

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