HELP!!! Hubby turning home into 'Book Study'

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  • HoChiMin


    Trust Me , you must say NO. As difficult as it is you must say NO, reading the description of how you feel about a book study in your home it is your only choice. The ideas mentioned will all probably work as well however you have a say in your home regardless of how big, arrogant, and uncaring your husband might be towards you.

    The events mentioned that go on at home book studies all do happen. I had kids piss on the floor, projectile vomit on carpet, wipe feces on walls, stuff gum under furniture, go in unopened rooms, disturb neighbors, pick through trash, eat food from closed cabinets, not flush the toilet, leave water running, wipe their noses on the curtains, just plain smell from not washing. This I'm sure was also accomplished by adults also. Not to mention all the other little "privileges" of having a number of people tromp in and out on a routine basses. Also, if that isn't enough, your looked at as lower scum if the book study is removed than if you just say NO.


  • david_10

    Scully------- You forgot to put "TM" after the word PRIVILEGE, i.e. : But the key word is PRIVILEGE (TM), so I did it. I'm sure it was just an oversight.


  • Francois

    Personally, I think the best ways to get rid of a bible study at your home is to: get the neighborhood kids to make as much noise as possible during the "study" time. Pay them to do it. It's worth it.

    The second way is to find something that has as odious a smell as you can find. Keep it in something that will seal tightly, like Tupperware or some other top brand of plastic container. Human execrement is always good, since that's what they're studying in the first place. Dog execrement is also good for the same reason.

    Or, you could get some iron filings, small ungalvanized iron nails, staples, stuff like that and just before the meeting pour a small amount of battery acid on the iron stuff and hide it under the sofa. Be careful with this one. Battery acid is pretty hefty (sulfuric acid) and you especially need sulfuric because you have a use for the sulfer in it. It reacts with the iron filings and gives off H2S, which smells exactly like rotten eggs (mainly because that's what gives rotten eggs their stench). You only want to generate a LITTLE of this gas, mainly because it's poisonous - another similiarity with what's going on in your home.

    OR, you could try this time-tested technique: cut the bastard off until the study stops. Not just on study night, but EVERY night until the study is gone. Primitive but effective. That should get the message across about how much you detest this study in your home. "No Peace, No Pu...." well, you know..."No Peace, no piece." Gads, that's good. I wish I'd thought of that,,,,,,no wait, I DID think of that. Try it and report to us here. We'll be waiting. No Mellon testing while studies are going on. No pointing to the sky with the toes until the torture stops.

    Ain't this house half yours? Don't you deserve no respect here? Ain't he supposed to respect you like you was he himself? Did he even bother to AXE you if'n it was OK to have a study there? Take over. Make him see what it's going to cost him. Is he using this to "reach out" so next you know, he'll be gone every night that's not a meeting night spying on someone else's bidness? You want to get started down that loooong and lonely highway? Stop him NOW while the stopping is good.

    Watcha think everyone?


  • Ed

    Rig a few things up with wires and magnets to "demonize" them. During the opening prayer, a picture falls off the wall. "Sorry about that, everyone," you say. "That's never happened before...that's really weird." In the middle of the study, a crystal vase on the coffee table tips over of its own accord in full view of everyone. During the closing prayer, two more pictures fall down, revealing strange religious symbols (or smurfs) engraved in the wall behind them.

    You'd only need to do this once, twice tops.

  • BluesBrother

    This is your moment. You have been leading a double life ,compliant to your husband but they have forced you to make a stand.

    I may be wrong, but I get the impression that your husband is the kind of M/s who will do anything the elders ask and wants to "Reach out " for further priviliges. That all depends on having a wife who is in agreement since he must be "Presiding over his own household in a fine manner" 1Tim 3.4.

    Notice a "Fine manner" so no family disputes could be allowed and if they thought he was forcing it on you then it would be a black mark against him.

    So, as someone said, the elders must be told that you cannot handle the "Privilige" . it is not uncommon. Many times groups were moved in my experience because the wife had had enough. No big deal .. Think of excuses, chronic tiredness, PMT, stress, anything!

    If that and a frank talk with husband fails, follow the others advice and adopt wrecking tactics. How about a few CD's of Heavy Metal or Rap lying around? ... video of "The Exorcist".... and DONT offer a cup of tea (coffee in the U S ),afterward

    God luck!

  • Wolfgirl

    Tee-hee! I like Ed's suggestion.

    Your husband sounds like the typical JW husband to me. Subjugating the female...grrr.

  • Monster

    hmmm, you could take advantage of your husband's selfishness and use it to your advantage. For instance the Military taught us that, smaller groups of people tend to bond and feel safe with eachother after a while they began to run their mouths off ; and if they should start making important announcements in those meetings you would be on top of it,all you have to do is sit back and listen and give us the scoop

    Yeah I know I'm bad , I'm trying to get the scoop behind close doors.

    On the other hand if it's going to be a real problem for you, you could make sure there's always some kind of drama going on, on meeting nights know what I mean?

    Whatever you decide to do,I hope it works in your favor.

    Peace James

  • Monster
    Your husband sounds like the typical JW husband to me. Subjugating the female...grrr

    Ladies, ladies, ladies! you have the advantage, selfish men are STUPIDmen. They think to much of themselves,if you learn how to do it, you,can knock them right off their high horses, kicking their a** with their own attutides.

    Peace James.

  • troucul

    Two words: get fukindwunk

  • Scully

    I really like Francois' idea of "no peace, no piece". Of course, you'll be "too tired from having everyone come into the house", and then "too stressed out over Sister Lameacz's kid prolly gonna pee all over the floor again", and then "so upset at all the dirt that's getting tracked all over the carpeting", the migraines, stress-induced headaches and bowel disturbances .... all those little things that upset a woman's delicate "mood". Also, make a point of preparing a meal on Book Study night that gives him embarrassing and odious bouts of flatulence during the meeting. (Give the kids a Bean-O tablet and take one yourself, so that he's the only offending party.) Make chocolate pudding for dessert, and make sure HIS bowl has has the Ex-Lax chocolates melted into it (that's what microwaves are good for).

    After a month of having to do all the preparatory work, and dismantling and cleaning after the book studies, ON TOP of not getting "any", he'll be happy to see the BS PRIVILEGE TM (thanks for the reminder, David) go to someone else.

    Love, Scully

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