Three day convention

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  • tiki
    You guys nowadays have it made...take your smart phone or here....look up stuff that interests you.....and work up a good case of diarrhea...cascara sagrada really works!!
  • WTWizard

    You have a device to store littera-trash? You know, like those tablets they have been pushing since worm-worm-worm jw dot org got pushed? Here is a good way to spend time:

    First, download material from . The more you get downloaded from that site, the better. You will be reading this while everyone else is looking up scriptures from their damnation books or reading from the washtowel. Fair warning--your whole belief system will be turned on its side by this site--it is showing you how not to obey joke-hova.

    Now, there is a wide array of links from this site. Exposing Christianity is your obvious destination, again you will have your belief system turned on its side. You can get pretty good knowledge of astrology and how to do spiritism. Yes, you will have to get past that the site is not politically correct and that there are a few "swear words" within the material--appropriately placed. But, at the very least, you will never look at washtowel doctrine the same, and you will probably have a more entertaining program than what the Grand Boasting Session will provide.

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?
    Yes thank you wtwizard. I recommend the twin serpent meditation. And a monster energy drink for lunch.
  • brandnew
    The seats at any stadium, are NEVER , and have never been meant for long term sitting. Any doctor will tell you, that long term sitting can cause blood clots. Very dangerous. To sit at dodger stadium for 4 hours straight...get an hour 1/2 break....then again...yeah all bad.😡
  • NewYork44M


    That is how I survived the last few assemblies in my JW days.

  • tiki
    Warning...the alcohol approach can backfire if it puts you to sleep and you snore and drool....
  • Lostwun

    Do what I did when stuck by having to carpool with my in-laws.

    Insist on taking your own car, when you arrive find your own seats away from relatives. Try and just bare through the morning session then when lunch time hits, bounce out of the convention back to your hotel or wherever else and dont return until the closing song when its time to pick up everyone to leave lol

    Worked like a charm for me and saved me from those repetitive boring lectures and mindless clapping at everything the speakers says..
  • rebel8

    And they finished at nine at night.

    omg can you imagine 7 days and evenings? wth did they fill all those hours with?

  • millie210

    I went to one of the 7 dayers as a young teenager. It was in Atlanta. We sat through all those days and I dont remember learning one thing!

    But they had cafeterias at the assemblies plus refreshment stands. The cafeteria fed real meals. I remember one was spaghetti, salad, garlic roll and chocolate cake. The food was great.

    Thats the take away from 7 days,,,,


  • sparrowdown

    Games we shall call: How to survive the RC without fantasizing about blowing your brains out, oh this takes me back!!

    Try this. Roll up tiny bits of torn up paper and see how many you can place on the head of the person in front of you before they shake their head. It helps if they have big hair.

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