Three day convention

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  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Nice sparrow, I have done that. Despite considerable contemplation I managed not to shoot myself or anyone else. I sufficed with imagining my drangon eating the speakers and listening to their bones snap.

    Lostwun's is pretty good.


    MIGRAINES are a good one - go and get migraine meds [Just ensure you can take the meds without side effects] - often the cocktail has a tablet for relaxing muscles a bit which makes you dopey too - so you miss the RC day and have a good kip. Or just have the M without the meds ! Who is to know?

    If female I imagine you have a few "hormonal' based options which men cant employ.

    If you are a Depression sufferer [so many JW's are] be down probably are already anyway with the thought of the RC looming. Have an ADD = Acute Doctrinal Distress attack.

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