Do we have consensus that Mr Jackson was wearing a gold Apple Watch?

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  • JustVisting
    A "showy display" is still a showy display regardless of the source. This causes stumbling for poor witnesses that are keeping first the kingdom.
  • cantleave

    This causes stumbling for poor witnesses that are keeping first the kingdom.

    You think they'll notice? Most will never see his testimony let alone notice what he is wearing on his wrist.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds 7 hours ago
    i think the correct question is "Who gives a flying fuck?"

    Who?? I'd say anyone who has spent their life following the mandate to keep your eye simple and avoiding a showy display of ones means of life. There are those I know who lived rather austere lives living in trailers, taking only part time jobs pioneering instead of going on vacation etc. These GB members tend to show up wearing expensive suits, pinkie rings and watches while they are living off the donations made by others and are requesting even more $$ from them these days. They are very much like the Televangelists we've all seen and it would make one wonder what's going on.

    (P.S....nice language...very classy)

  • talesin

    I would think there is a JW-appropriate explanation that goes something like this:

    The GB must dress appropriately to be able to present to the "worldly ones" (*snickers*) they must deal with, as representatives of Jehovah's True Organization TM. They must defend Jah's name in court, and deal with Satan's attempts to discredit Jehovah. In order to protect "the flock" from "this wicked system of things", they need to blend in with the "world" in their necessary business dealings.

    There, it's all explained! BB said it more succinctly. *shrugs*

    Edit: An afterthought. What I like to call "The Ruling Elders" in my region, who lived in my circuit, were almost 100% upper middle class. They dressed in tailor made suits, and yes, pinkie rings were in style in the 70s. So why is it such a big surprise that these GB members (ie, the JWS' board of directors) are dressed in expensive (albeit often tacky) attire, and it's found acceptable by the R&F? hmmm....



    And, mark this, but I totally agree with the Red Dot. Yikes, is it THE END?! *just kidding, Minimus, but yeah, agreed*

  • GodZoo


    There is only one Gold edition watch. The others are either gray or silver color. Is either a gold apple watch or is a knock off. Has anyone seen any knock off?

    Yup.. iWatch knock offs were available even before the official iWatch was released.

    Other iWatch Clones.. (including Edition)

  • GodZoo

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