How many visitors do we get ?

by Simon 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • vivalavida
    The "chat room"?
  • Joyzabel

    Damn!!!! I had to look at when this post was originated and realized you DIDN'T bring the chat room back!

    whaaaaaaaaaa I miss the chat room.

  • vivalavida

    oooohhhh! I just did NOT look at how old this post originally is, UNTIL NOW.... lol!

    'nuff said!

  • Simon

    Yeah, "ye olde chat room". It was fun at the time when the community was smaller but I think the world moved on from the concept - it was single handedly the biggest consumption of resources and cause of headaches and avenue for abuse on the site.

  • Dagney

    Thank you again and always Simon!

  • HappyDad

    My response of the chat room.......It allowed my to fall in love with the most wonderful ex JW that I met there. I never thought I would fall in love again at my age, but it happened. Made trips to visit her. It was a long distance romance but it was the greatest! Within a month....we started talking about being permanent (marriage in the future) It didn't happen.

    The summer of 2004 was the best thing that ever happened to me. Even though it ended by the end of September, I knew I would know how to love again. She was and I'm sure she still is a wonderful lady. And I thank her for showing me what it is like to have someone and an extended family like/love/care about me.

    Her grown kids are the greatest. She is the greatest. Haven't seen or talked to her since 2007 (her choice) and I respect her choice.

    If you read this Gold.....know that I still think positive of you.

    God Bless and be happy.


  • Simon
    See what trouble it caused ... romances !!! :D
  • Makemeanunbeliever
    21,000 unique IP's per month?
  • wallsofjericho

    Simon we love you!

    I opened my eyes for the first time back on JWD

    You set me free

  • GodZoo

    Things look pretty neat in TOR too.. I get to meet French chicks..

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