Did you hear Stewart use the bible to prove an incredibly good point to Jackson!!

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  • JWdaughter
    I think the point is that the whole stupid JC should NOT happen in cases of child abuse. It should be immediately turned over to the police. Let professionals, trained ones, deal with crimes against children. NOT a bunch of untrained yahoos who are in an old boys club with all the other guys in the congregation, especially elders and MS's and pioneers. Anyone really active in the congregation is going to have more access and more buddies to stick up for him. I LOATHE that.
  • OrphanCrow

    Poor pathetic Pope Jackson. He doesn't realize what he is up against.

    He sits there with silver sword in hand and makes disparaging remarks to the Commission about their lack of knowledge of the Bible. What a jerk. Little does he know what kind of minds he is up against.

    Stewart and McClelland have no problem with logical and rational thinking. It is those qualities that have got them to where they are. You don't become a courtroom lawyer or judge without having a razor sharp mind. Jackson is a blubbering fool - huh...the Bible is nothing compared to the knowledge these guys have have inside their head.

    Jackson is so deluded. A deluded fool. Session Two could be a bloodbath.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Sad to say, but JW's will think he gave a fine witness before the RC....
  • berrygerry
    Angus Stewart - True "Reasoning on the Scriptures"
  • umbertoecho
    But, did not Jackson forget a scripture too at one point? I think both of those men are doing very well, and finally getting pissed off.......
  • umbertoecho

    Not really. I can't see this as a fine witness from Jackson, as he keeps reverting back to the patriarchal nature of this religion and it doesn't sit well with the RC.

    Stewart is using scripture too. And, he is doing well

  • newsheep

    Diogenesister, you make a good point on how can two untrained idiots help the victim. GJ made it a point of saying the word elder means older men yet I have seen young boys as young as early twenties be made elders. That along with no maturity and no life experiences is disaster for the poor victim. That's what happened to us and why we had two idiot elders under twenty-six, newly appointed sitting at the end of our lane waiting for us to come and unlock our gates. They had sat there for four and a half hours and then they df'd my husband. They had stalked us all summer and had others in on it as well. Men in their fifties roller blading past our house sitting at the end of our lane as well from other congregations so you know there was major gossip..

    I wish the lawyer would call him on that about the older men of the congregation and ask why they don't follow those rules where they were older men with life experience and where the people would come to those gates and be able to listen to both sides. Not like these idiots who take you into a room with no witnesses or observers. We couldn't even bring our lawyer into the room yet Jackson has his very own watchtower lawyers there for him.

  • smiddy

    I hope that this is being recorded as I will be out all day.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    It's been a while since I heard a GB member speak and I feel sorry for the guy.

    Why, because delusion from the top down. He really believe he is a Bible scholar.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Jackson is doing well "in the eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses." He's ducking and weaving and they will be proud of him. But he is pissing these RC folks off and I think the outcome will be damning to Watchtower because they are not really willing to do anything to prevent child abuse in the Good Ole Boys Club in the future beyond mandatory reporting. The RC wants to protect children. The RC will see that if the perpetrator is a male JW, particularly an elder, that the Governing Body is not willing to change policy enough to make the child feel safer coming forward with an allegation.

    Jackson wants them to institute mandatory reporting and be done with the matter. I think he will be in for a letdown.

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