Worldly charity helps Jehovah's Witness child with life-threatening heart defect after Watchtower Society 'charity' refuses help

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    Program Sponsors Child's Medical Procedure

    Indiana, USA

    GREENFIELD — Two years ago, when John Ettien learned his 2-year-old daughter, Mattithia, suffered from a life-threatening heart defect, he felt lost. The doctors in the Ivory Coast, where he’s from, couldn’t perform the specialized surgery Mattithia needed, and even if they could, he and his wife couldn’t afford it.

    More than 3,500 miles away from Ettien, in Mosul, Iraq, Noor Aljawadeya was suffering a similar fate.

    Her daughter, Adyan, also had been diagnosed with a rare condition that restricted her blood flow and, if left untreated, would cause her heart to shut down. It would require multiple surgeries to repair, and that family, too, didn’t have the resources she needed.

    Today, both families have something else in common: Their children are on their way to living healthy lives thanks to the Rotary Club of Greenfield.

    Through the service organization’s Gift of Life fundraiser, members secured funds from the community and support from Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis to help treat the youngsters. Both families arrived in Indianapolis several weeks ago for the operations.

    Mattithia, now 4, was operated on Tuesday morning, and doctors say that should be the only intervention needed to repair her heart.

    After taking loans from banks and asking friends and family for anything they could spare, Ettien said he had exhausted his resources in his hometown, Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast.

    “I had to sell everything,” he said. “Even with my job, I didn’t have money to pay for (the procedure).”

    Ettien, a Jehovah’s Witness, decided to write a letter to the religious organization’s U.S. headquarters, which referred him to the Gift of Life program. He learned about the local program and wrote another message to Riley Hospital for Children, which then connected him to the local Rotary Club.

    It took two years to find help, Ettien said, but he’s hopeful this will be the end of his family’s plight.

    “It’s so difficult for a father to see (his) daughter suffer from this and still not have the money to take care of her,” said Ettien. “I hope that after all of this, … she will be alright.”

    Adyan, who underwent surgery July 31, is also on the path to recovery, but doctors say she’ll need at least one more surgery to fully mend her heart. It’s unclear whether she’ll be recovered in time to undergo the additional operation during her stay in the U.S., but Dr. Stephanie Kinnaman, Gift of Life adviser for central Indiana and a Greenfield resident, said the organization will also sponsor that procedure.

    The Greenfield Rotary’s Gift of Life program is the only one of its kind in the state and one of 71 Gift of Life programs around the world. The local group raises money for the program through an annual dinner and silent auction fundraiser, which regularly raises around $50,000, Kinnaman said.

    That money goes toward medical expenses, airfare and accommodations for the families. The surgeons who perform the procedures donate their time, which saves the families thousands of dollars.

    The group also sponsors an additional trip each year that sends surgeons overseas to perform procedures closer to where the children live, sparing them from costly and time-consuming plane travel, Kinnaman said.

    Since the Greenfield Rotary started the program in 2000, Kinnaman estimates it’s flown at least 15 children to Indianapolis to receive operations. Abroad, she said, it’s sponsored more than 50 surgeries.

    The Greenfield Rotary gets connected with families in need in a variety of ways, Kinnaman said. Sometimes parents learn about the program and contact Riley directly, as Ettien did, and sometimes, they receive referrals from Gift of Life International, which coordinates with local Rotary organizations.

    Aljawedeya remains hopeful that Adyan will grow up to be as strong as her twin sister, Renad, who also traveled with the family to the U.S.

    She said it’s difficult to see Renad run around with abandon while Adyan sometimes needs to sit to catch her breath.

    She’s grateful to all those who have contributed to the effort to treat her daughter.

    “I feel so thankful for everyone involved,” she said. “It’s so kind that they feel the need to save her life.”

    Kinnaman, a Greenfield Rotarian and local physician, said she gets something out of the process, too.

    “It’s life changing for them, of course, but it also is for me,” she said. “I have friends from all over the world because we, as Greenfield Rotarians, changed their lives forever.”

    She added that although the Greenfield Rotary pays the stipend for the families’ visits, it’s a collective effort.

    “It’s not only the people that helped raise the money through our fundraiser … but also the entire team — doctors and nurses alike — that takes care of them while they’re there,” she said.

    During their visits, both families are living at the Ronald McDonald House, an overnight facility for families with children facing extended stays in nearby Riley. Doctors will evaluate the conditions of both children before the families return home; both are scheduled to leave in October.

    Despite language and cultural barriers, Kinnaman said, the families seem to have established a connection with one another through their shared experience.

    “Although there are all kinds of differences between the two families,” she said, “there seems to be this common understanding about their struggles that they’re able to express to one another.”

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Satan's wicked system is more charitable than God's org. Mmmmh
  • punkofnice

    Good catch. Thank you so much.

    Once again Jehovah(tm) is of no help. May the Governing body be put on trial for crimes against humanity!

  • Splash
    If they had written to the U.S. headquarters asking about doctrine, they would have received a much more comprehensive and personal response.
  • Diogenesister
    I was going to do a post querying what charitable things the wbts do. I mean how exactly does a publishing company get charitable status?
  • punkofnice
    I was going to do a post querying what charitable things the wbts do.

    Only one answer there.................they provide a protective environment for paedophiles.
  • ToesUp

    Typical JW, past the buck to someone else. They do NOTHING for it's members. It's like a friend who always takes but never gives back.

  • DwainBowman
    Sounds just like the oh so loving borg! I had been off work for over a year, and just needed a final ok from a doctor to go back to work. I couldn't come up with it. So I turned to the elders, and ask if the congregations could help out. Even though I told them I would be able to repay them within a month of going back to work. All I got was a very cold NO! It would not have hurt so much, but up until I had to take off work, I had been putting my 100 hours a month, donating quite a bit to the congregations. And working hard at Ca's, Dc's, and anything else I was asked to do!
  • punkofnice

    The WBT$ is an abuser. They promote abuse right from the top filtering down. the higher they get is the more abusive they are.

    I am thinking of the COs I knew. Most were just plain scrounging bullies.

    What must their holinesses the WBT$ popes be like?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Oh, I can remember being a Hurricane Hugo victim. A tree fell on my car and the mobile home I lived in blew off it's blocks. I was out of work cleaning floors and windows for a couple of weeks. (Yeah, I was the very stereotypical JW.) A wonderful family donated a car to me, volunteers fed me and gave me enough canned goods to last two years. Volunteers offered to right my mobile home, but I was just renting and the landlord waited for the insurance company to come through.

    But all of that was from individuals, not Watchtower. BUT WAIT: Watchtower determined that I suffered extreme financial loss and wrote me a check. No kidding. How wonderful Jehovah is.

    The next year, I was a Hurricane Andrew volunteer, pounding nails on roofs in south Florida and Jehovah was giving some cash to victims there also. How wonderful Jehovah is.

    But something different happened after that. Somewhere between Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina, Watchtower figured it out. They had to spend donated money that was specifically earmarked for disaster relief on the disaster victims. So they did two things: 1. Insist that people donate only money instead of clothing and cars and canned goods and that money should just go into the general funds and not be earmarked. 2. Organize and manipulate the volunteer spirit and use any earmarked money to fund the Watchtower-controlled building committees or buy supplies only from the same channels that they use to build Kingdom Halls.

    It doesn't surprise me that they referred someone to a charity that they are not part of. I don't automatically discount them for doing that, but I truly believe that were the Catholic or Lutheran Church to refer a member like that, they would also write a check from Catholic Charities or Lutheran Church Charities to that same Indiana organization. Then Watchtower would say how they are just doing that for self-serving reasons like seeking the limelight.

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