Movies/Books for Cult Survivors

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  • Illuminated

    The Island.

    Truman Show.

  • Diogenesister

    If you want a recent movie, for a born again humanist- athiest type, Christopher Nolan's "Intersteller" is a must-see, utterly inspirational.

    Another new-ish film worth seeing is Ridley Scott's Exodus God and Kings. Love the way Mosed tries to rescue his brother Pharoh at the last minute and take him with him.

    The Matrix and Ninteen Eighty-Four get my vote as must-see for any newly awoken one's. Animal Farm too.

    Brighid Love these types of posts, btw!

  • SoJo16
    Totally agree with you on Donnie Darko. Love the whole movie, but the scene that makes me cry every time is the shot of Momma Darko while 'Mad World' plays. That's what a mom's love is supposed to be.
  • jw-verite
    The Truman Show : the best one in my opinion
  • Sweetp0985

    Village Idiot I saw Worlds Apart, it was pretty good and I've never been able to find it again.

    The movie The Village by M. Night Shala-something was sooo eerily similar to me.

  • Brighid
    Great suggestions! Thanks so much! I need to be able to help someone who recently got df'd and said they were never going back but are nowhere near ready for TTATT.
  • wheelwithinwheel

    Beginning around 26:40 Leah Vincent talks about growing up in a Yeshivish community, a very conservative brand of Orthodox Judaism

    Leah Vincent is the author of Cut Me Loose: Sin and Salvation After My Ultra-Orthodox Girlhood.

  • CalebInFloroda

    Believe it or not, I found a recent comedy exclusive to Netflix very healing entitled "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

    It's a terrific farce created by "30 Rock" star and writer Tina Fey about a young woman who had lived in an underground bunker for years with a handful of other women because of belonging to a cult that taught that God had brought Armageddon upon the world due to stupidity.

    She and her fellow cult members get rescued and reintroduced to today's world when their cult leader (who freely roams the world above) is arrested for "acting weird at a WalMart."

    What is so addictive about the series (including it's now popular theme song) is how the current world seems so foreign and alien to Kimmy since she has been cut off from it for so long. Cerebral, wacky, and hilarious, the Netflix series has recently been nominated for several Emmy awards.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I agree with:

    Worlds Apart
    The Matrix
    Ninteen Eighty-Four
    The Island
    The Truman Show
    Disney's Tangled
    The Village

    As far as books, it depends on you. I was inspired to write my story (FADE FROM THE TRUTH) after reading Kyria Abraham's I'M PERFECT YOU'RE DOOMED. I loved all of Steven Hassan's Cult books. But beyond the obvious, books I have read took me to eastern philosophy, Science vs. Belief, skepticism, psychology. The world is your oyster, figure out where you want to go.

  • Illuminated


    Pleasantville (great film you'll all relate to)

    The Stepford Wives

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