JW to SDA anyone do it ?

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    I do agree that there are some who do not subscribe to Anglo-Israelism, but I have had the unfortunate experience of meeting a few that do. Some of them even believe they are actually more Jewish than Jews, or so they have led me to believe by the conversations I have had with them.

  • barry

    This is rear Admiral Barry Black an SDA minister he became chief of chaplains in the US Navy and then he became chaplain in the US senate


  • WingCommander

    And Mitt Romney (LDS/Mormom) was a Presidential Candidate. So what? That doesn't make him any less of a cult member. People and their "titles" (above) don't mean sh*t to me if they are in a cult. People in the military (especially) are trained to merely "take orders", "do as they're told", and "not think about it." Perfect cult member if there ever was one. Critical thinking is discouraged in the military. They don't want soldiers to "think", they want robotic soldiers who follow commands without question!

    You live in Australia? Good for you. You should come up here to Pennsylvania (USA), the very heart of these 19th century cults, and try being in their congregations? The closer you get to the source, the more hardcore it becomes. JW's will tell you; Congregations on the West Coast (California, USA) are very very liberal and different than here in PA or up in New York. The closer you get to HQ, the crazier and more strict, fanatical, and zealous it becomes.

  • Terry

    Why not simply join Mensa?

    You meet people who can think. Superstition isn't required. There are meetings to attend.

    1+1+1=3 instead of 1

    It's Win-Win

  • millie210

    This is such an interesting thread.

    Not many religions hold up to intense scrutiny do they?

    At least that is my take away.

    Introvert 2
    Hi all,
    A couple friends pointed me to some info on the Sabbath and I just plain like it, being the workaholic I am it's a lifesaver for me and gives me the motivation to be more balanced about my business and work schedule.

    This gets to the heart of the matter Introvert2.

    I think one of the gifts life hands us upon leaving the JWs is the freedom to try what makes us feel good.

    Its similar to trying on new clothes. Not much to be gained in trying on cheap worn fabrics (drugs, alcohol etc...

    but it can be loads of fun to try on the silks and wools and fine spun cottons in beautifully dyed colors. Who knows what one may find works for them?

    On the Sabbath, at its core there are some interesting things going on anthropologically speaking. The entire concept of preparing food and abode ahead of time so that you can take a day to relax, visit with others, drink fine wine and know all the while that there is no societal expectation for you to be "working" or doing "something" is a beautiful one. It encourages all the things that feed the soul.

    So try on this hat, see if it works for you!

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