JW to SDA anyone do it ?

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  • barry

    There is a world war 2 movie being produced by Mel Gibson called Hacksaw Ridge filmed here in Australia. IT features Desmond Doss and SDA medic who refused to carry a gun and saved 75 men single handed in one day. The movie will be out in about a year from now I suppose.


  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    TTWSYF 12 hours ago

    It is my understanding that the JW history is based loosely on the SDA faith. Kinda an offshoot after the Judge heard an SDA minister (Wendell Jones I believe} and liked what he heard.

    As far as there not being a real truth, I would disagree. Jesus did start a church some 2000 years ago or so.

    just saying

    Yes I agree, was referring to organizations and doctrines.

    Wasanelder once : LOL haha !

  • barry

    Gday WingCommander,

    There are over 700 independant SDA ministries. These are ministries that SDAs support theologically and with their funds so you could be right.

    In my experience I have never seen Shunning used.

    Elders of churches are elected by the members to run the church but they don't have judicial meetings. The pastor is the paid clergy. The elders can refuse to have a pastor preach if they don't like his theology I have seen that done in some churches

    My wife was never an SDA and she used to call me a Davidian and that really made me mad.

    Now we go to the Anglican church she has nearly forgotten that insult.

  • Clambake

    I have been to an SDA church a few times before. It is generally pretty cool. Some of the references to Ellen White are kind of nutty. I thought they didn’t do that but I guess they do.

    Still they don’t really believe in the whole body of Christ thing and believe you are saved though your domination, only your membership in the SDA will save you in the end. They don’t do the whole interfaith thing.

    At the end of the day they don’t ruin families and destroy lives like the WTS and I guess that is all that really matters.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Sorry don't know anything about SDA doctrine but there's a SDA church near to where I live. It's a fairly non-descript, 'modest' building, similar to a kingdom hall.

    The pictures on the sign for meeting times could have been lifted straight from the WT art department - people from all races with peaceful pandas, chilled-out lions and lush, green meadows.

    However, unlike the WT, it does actually do something for poor people as it has a soup kitchen. I respect them for that.

  • WingCommander

    SDA's are just as crazy at JW's. Think I'm kidding? Check out their LITERATURE. I was at our local fair about 3 years ago, and there was a stand set up by SDA's. (Kind of like the JW's do now - ha!!!) Anyway, what caught my eye was the literature they had sprawled out on the table. The size, look, and specifically the artwork could have been straight from WatchTowers and Awake!'s. It was really, REALLY creepy.....especially with all of the end-time apocalyptic crap on it.

    Seriously, SDA is just another flavor of cult crazy. All this talk about how "harmless" they are, is just like what you hear people say about Mormons with their outreach programs, schools, family night, etc. Another flavor of crazy that most people don't have a clue about until they are wrapped up in it. The poster above who mentioned that they do NOT recognize other denominations and that you must belong to their group - that should really be a red flag for anyone who's ever been in a cult. Exclusive salvation thru association is a cult trademark. Jim Jones had it, David Koresh had it, JW's have it, and SDA's have it as well.

  • CalebInFloroda

    I find it creepy that Gentiles enforce Sabbath-keeping and celebrating national Jewish holidays as requisites to salvation, and the SDA included.

    The reason the SDA does this is the belief in a doctrine called Anglo-Israelism. This belief teaches that white Americans are descendants of the "lost" tribes of Israel. As such they believe that they should be bound to the tenets of the Mosaic Law because it is the constitution of the Tribes of Israel.

    Among the other groups that share this belief are the one-time sister religion of the JWs known as the Worldwide Church of God under Armstrong (who also predicted that the world would end in 1975, by the way), and the Mormons (though the LDS does not keep the Jewish Sabbath, per se).

    Now you can actually swab the inside of my cheek and find DNA specific hereditary markers of a Sephardic Jew of Semite origins, but these deluded people cannot do the same (I've had some of these tell me that DNA evidence is irrelevant or that G-d changes their blood to be Jewish in a spiritual way or perhaps the Devil is tampering with DNA results to hide the truth). My thoughts is you can take any day off at any time of the week and get the same effect as a good Jewish Sabbath.

    Besides, why observe the Sabbath like a Jew and celebrate Jewish feasts like a Jew and dress like a Jew, etc., but belong to a different religion? Just convert if you like it that much. Otherwise a little borrowing here and there from this and that doesn't require you join any group or organization of any kind.

    In my opinion you are better off being true to yourself without denominational ties for now. Take in what's around you, learn from life, and if you end up adopting a certain philosophy or ritual along the way, let it be something that adds to your freedom, not takes away from it.

  • barry

    Calebinfloroda, Ive heard SDAs that believe like that I think its called British Israelites or something similar but Ive never met anyone that believes it.

    WingCommander the SDAs do mix with other churches they have in Australia the 'Womens day of prayer' where women from every denomination gather together I don't know what they do maybe they just pray. The womens day of prayer is held in a different denomination every year. Ive been to many meetings in other churches that were advertised in the SDA church.

    As I said before there are 700 independent ministries that many teach against the official SDA church in doctrine and are supported financially by ordinary members.

  • barry

    Ministers of other churches do occasionally take the divine service at SDA churches.

    From the country church I recall an Anglican also the bible society used to send ministers to preach once a year that could be one from any denomination but not catholic. Growing up a good adventist boy I went to Anglican scripture every week.

    Wing Commander I would admit some of the literature is creepy and much of it is conspiracy theories.

    It is not supported by the Doctors of the church.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    Pretty cool Barry thanks for your insight. I'll go back Saturday, gives me a day off to look forward to otherwise I end up at the shop always something to do. This way I get to stay home and pet the cat.

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