JW to SDA anyone do it ?

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  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    Good link rebel8 thanks and all good replies !
  • millie210

    I took a 6 week class with SDA last winter.

    My impressions were that the people were much more relaxed and seemed happier than the folks in my own Kingdom Hall did.

    Their growth is much more impressive than the JWs also.

  • FayeDunaway

    SDA is the watchtower's sweet (vegetarian) Aunt Mary who lives to be a hundred because of her healthy lifestyle and encouraged you to get an education.

    If you are religious and sabbath appeals to you that much and using the name Jehovah in prayer makes you feel warm and fuzzy, go for it.

  • barry

    I was brought up an SDA so maybe I can have some input here.

    There is no shunning in the SDA church they used to drop names for apostasy but since 2000 names are simply dropped from church membership. The reason apostasy is no longer used is because negative conotations it implies.

    JWs may be confused by this but their are different SDAs with different beliefs but that doesn't make then apostates. Traditional or conservative Adventists are in some ways like the JW religion.

    There are also evangelicals and liberal Adventists. The liberals may believe in Gay marriage, evolution etc.

    There has been controversy in the church regarding womens ordination,


  • barry

    My family and I have become Anglican but I still think some SDA churches are OK depends on the church. Being brought up SDA and my father an elder I always used to argue the point with the ministers. I disagree with the way they interpret revelation and how they arrive at 1844 was a point of contention.

    Many Adventists support ind├ępendant ministres some agree with the official church doctrine some do not. 'Good News Unlimited' is a great gospel centred ministry

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "There are also evangelicals and liberal Adventists. The liberals may believe in Gay marriage, evolution etc."

    It seems that almost every religion and denomination develops a spectrum of beliefs amongst their members ranging from strict conservatives (Bible thumpers) to liberals. Jehovah's Witnesses would appear to be the exception but that's because of their being totally controlled by their hierarchy.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    Wow good stuff this is great thanks people !

    It is my understanding that the JW history is based loosely on the SDA faith. Kinda an offshoot after the Judge heard an SDA minister (Wendell Jones I believe} and liked what he heard.

    As far as there not being a real truth, I would disagree. Jesus did start a church some 2000 years ago or so.

    just saying

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Join a bowling League. There are not end times, no dates and no eschatology, just balls and pins. Meet people, trade shoes and bring disinfectant to spray in them. (The shoes not the people obviously). I am sure it is time better spent than going to the place where Russell got his start.
  • WingCommander

    A bit of clarification is in order: IBSA / JW's are NOT an offshoot of SDA's. SDA's and IBSA / JW's are kissing cousins, having been born of the Milleritte Movement. Russell borrowed some "crazy" from the SDA's sure enough, but then added in his own crazy occult pyramidology, Freemasonry inclinations, etc into the pot to create his own stew of mathematical occult gibberish.

    I'm in Pennsylvania, birthplace of all of this end-times Apocalyptic CRAP. SDA's around here do a lot of good, have a lot of schools, etc. However, they are just as "cult-like" as the JW's, and I've also heard of controlling Elder bodies, harassment, Pharasitical behaviour, and (Drum roll) - SHUNNING. They are only slightly lower on the rung of cults. My list of crazy would read like this:

    1.) Scientology

    2.) FLDA

    3.) Branch Dravidians (an offshoot of SDA's, by the way!!!)

    4.) Mormon / LDS

    5.) JW's / IBSA

    6.) SDA's

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