4 versions of Jesus resurrection- all different

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  • purrpurr

    I've been reading more and studying about the bible . it was brought to my notice that out of the four different versions of Jesus resurrection they do not back each other up. Instead they contradict each other a lot. Some could even be a completely different story!

    For instance in one account Mary goes to hug Jesus but he tell her not to because he has yet to asend to his father... Yet in another version he allows the two women who find him to hold his feet?

    The versions differ as to by who and how his tomb was found and by how many people. Right up until Paul who says that Jesus was seen first by Cephas, then by the 12 and then by 500 people!

    The society likes to say that these differing views are to be expected and actually back each other up! But there is no way that this is true?!

  • sir82
    There's all kinds of inconsistencies like this all throughout the Bible, when you read what is actually written, rather than reading thru the WT's filter of "well, it might say X, but it really means Y".
  • Mephis

    My favorite one is the problem of when Jesus was born. Matthew says Herod the Great was ruling. and ordering babies to be killed Fine. We know when Herod the Great ruled from very secure secular sources. So some time before Herod's death in 4 BC, although there's no secular account of baby killing and Herod really was unpopular enough that you'd think someone would have mentioned it. Luke says Jesus was born during the census of Quirinius. Which we also have a good date for. And he did indeed carry out a census in Judea. Slight problem there is that he was governor of Syria 6 to 12 AD. There's no resolution to that dating contradiction which works. One of them is wrong in at least some way.

  • Crazyguy
    There's so many Bible contradictions and mistakes it's not even funny. How about the fact that there was two leaders of the Jewish temple so it says but history show one died before the other and never has there been two high priests at the same time. And in the story of the reserection in one book Mary and some woman are told to tell the apostles to meet Jesus in Jerusalem in another account tell them to meet him in gallee and in another they run off scared and don't tell anyone. Also look at who finds Jesus gone, in each account it's different people.
  • steve2

    The Bible does not contradict itself because people who believe in it believe it doesn't contradict itself and so-called 'contradictions' can all be explained.

    They do what all astute believers do when confronted with yet another instance of contradiction whose explanations are found wanting: Slither out of the exchange and leave the matter in the hands of the one true God of Contradictions.

    It also helps to attack the motives of those arguing the Bible is full of contradictions. There is a lot of traction to be gained by turning the spotlight away from alleged instances of contradiction to the impudent souls who dare question the true God of Contradiction's inspired word, the Holy Bible.

  • Heaven

    The explanation that needs to be given is how a dead person can come back to life after being dead for 3 days.

    "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." - Carl Sagan

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy
    Marking. Great thread..
  • cantleave
    The so-called "contradictions" are there to test us. God likes testing people, it makes him feel big and important. When he's done testing us, he wants us to bow down and worship him, because he has a massive ego (and probably a tiny dick). Praise the LORD!!!
  • Nickolas

    Here's another. Jesus never existed. Resurrection is a myth.

    Ask yourself, are those whom the Bible has claimed were resurrected still among us or did they die a second time, only to be resurrected again? Nonsense.

  • datto

    Had this recorded in my TiVo for quite some time. Quite a boring documentary though


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