Why won't they simply change policy on sex offenders? Will they?

by punkofnice 49 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • punkofnice
    konceptual99 - The WBT$ deserves to be sued out of existance....wishful thinking I know......
  • tiki

    A policy change triggered by all these cases coming to light would mean theyd have to admit error and fallibility...can't have that when you're touting to be the one and only true religion with a direct line to God.

    The thick file of pedos and their rank is very telling....

  • punkofnice
    tiki - I thought they had a way of spinning their error to look like they were coming up smelling of roses. They are angrifying.
  • Diogenesister
    Hey Nicepunk What date was the JWTV bit where they blame homosexuals for child abuse, didn't catch that. Bloody hell can they get anymore biggoted?
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good question in the OP.

    They stubbornly adhere to a rule written in a book thousands of years ago before forensic science existed. These pig-headed, deluded, delusional, fanatical, monomaniacal morons will not change of their own accord. Government will have to make them change, using recommendations made by the RC.

    Here's another question: why not do away with non-mandatory reporting and have all states mandatory reporting?

  • punkofnice

    Diogenesister - I don't have a date...I watch that stuff...feel nauseous then move on. There are probably links on threads here somewhere.

    ...and NO! They couldn't get any more bigoted...next they will become suicide bombers in Jehovah's(tm) name if you let some of them.

    LUHE - Yes. Mandatory reporting everywhere should be the norm...and the JWs should report these matters directly to the police.

  • Diogenesister

    Fukitol I'd rather die at Armageddon than worship such a deity!

    Agreed. Someone in a post on this site mentioned standing on a high place (TM) with chest puffed out and giving the finger too, becuase he would die happy knowing he had the moral highground.

  • done4good

    Two reasons.

    1. It sends a powerful message to the R&F that things are very broken in the organization and it is not "The Truth".

    2. Once the two witness rule changes, it provides the slippery slope that would cause the whole judicial process the organization uses to fall apart.

    The first one they can do little about. The longer they wait to address the issue, the truth will be exposed anyway, and will be uglier than ever. That is happening now, and will only increase as time passes. The second one they are holding on to dear life for, because once the judicial process in the organization is weakened, the organization loses a key control mechanism it is ill equipped to do without. The organization would crumble as we know it, even if it survives in some form.


  • punkofnice

    d4g - Crumble away, watchtower, crumble away. How sad that they put their own wealth and prestige above the lives of children. Evil men indeed.

    How long before it all goes tits up and they order the drinking of kool-aid?

  • OrphanCrow
    done4good: 2. Once the two witness rule changes, it provides the slippery slope that would cause the whole judicial process the organization uses to fall apart.

    Exactly. The entire judicial system of the JWs is flawed to the core. They brag about it as though they are "keeping their organization clean" with little regard for how the process abuses human rghts.

    The victims have the status of "witness' and nothing more than that. The victim's only role is to find the accused guilty. Victims are nothing more than that - just a witness to the 'sin'.

    The WTS goons are ill equipped to collect evidence and pass judgement upon people that they think they have control over. The entire judicial system should fall apart - it is a system that fosters abuse and disregards human rights. It should be exposed for what it is - a patriarchal system of oppression and control that has no place in civilized society.

    I am extremely interested in the outcome of this hearing because of the potential impact that it could have on similar systems of internal judicial processes that are practiced in many religions. The JWs claim, after all, that their judicial system is based upon Judaic law. This hearing may put a chink in not only the JW religion, but also other religions that use old outdated bible "laws" to control and abuse their members.

    Even though this hearing is not meant to be a theological debate, it cannot help but be one when the WTS claims divine authority for bible based law.

    And, once the two witness rule gets trashed, and the WTS judicial sytem along with it, the next "law" to fall will be the blood law. That will will fall easily due to the efforts of many people who have already shown it to be non-biblical. And without the judicial system, the WTS loses control over their members in making those all important life decisions concerning blood.

    I am thrilled with the Royal Commission. I never thought that in my lifetime I would see "Jehovah's representative" have to appear at a public hearing to justify the WTS' abusive policies to the rest of the world.

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