Phone call straight after the Royal Commission

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    He was very likely instructed by JW organization's legal counsel to state he did not know the particulars of the way in which the female victim (BCG?) had been treated.

    Also, this is not a criminal trial, although understandably many of us wished it were. It is a commission of inquiry in which there is a fine line between thorough questioning and laying bare. As another poster said, the Commission depends on the cooperation of the various parties and they cannot shout, "Liar! Liar!" as much as they may feel justified in doing so.

    Besides, the next stage will be the collation of all the Exhibits accepted by the Judge and the collation of all the information gathered which will lead to a draft report with findings and recommendations.

    The hearing might be over, but the analysis has yet to begin.

    Expect a damning report in which even the JW organization's expert witness, Dr Monica Applewhite will likely find her "evidence" eviscerated.

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    good points!
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    defender of truth

    I'd just like to put UmbertoEcho's excellent OP side-by-side with a Jehovah's Witness view from a pro JW forum..

    If you have a similar sense of humour to me, it may amuse you.. Anyway.


    Straight after the commission ended today within minutes, the phone rang. It was one of the people who are working on it. Firstly she established if I was alright and did I want to talk.

    I said I was too tired and unhappy that Geoffrey Jackson managed to do some preaching....

    She said they were aware of that.

    Then I said.."You know he was lying don't you, he was lying about the role of the GB in many subtle ways and not so subtle ways?" .............

    "Oh we knew that all along,we had the documents right here with us".

    I then said...." You do realize he is one of seven men who vote on policy and they don't sit around prayerfully as Jackson maintained, they just vote and sometimes the deciding factor is perhaps one vote?"

    She said she knew that too, and for me not to be too worried about the commission being fooled, for they were not fooled at all.

    I asked her if she really thought for one minute that the society is feeling bad about the plight of sexually molested children? And " You do know this is all about money don't you?".....

    Yes, she said they all knew it was about showing a façade of decency and holding onto money.

    ...OH!!!! Dear old Geoff made a few enemies today when he talked about a mother grooming her child to accuse the father of molestation....They thought it a dirty cheap shot..!

    View of a Jehovah's Witness:

    I personally think Brother Jacksons testimony was the best thing that has ever happened in relation to the issue of child abuse within our organisation.

    He skilfully and humbly answered their questions using the bible and sound reasoning. He clarified various issues and corrected the commissions wrong assumptions.

    He humbly acknowledged where our organisation could do better to help the trauma of abuse victims.

    He expressed his love for and sympathy for the individuals who were abused and who gave testimony to the commission.

    He gave a fine witness about the governing body's love for all of the sheep especially those who have been hurt in such a bad way and their desire "more than they will ever know" to fix anything that could be causing distress for the sheep.

    Brother Jackson was extremely respectful and humble.

    Telling the lawyers and the chair how good some of their questions were and how he thought the commissions work would ultimately help the sheep and help the organisation deal with such a distressful and delicate problem and that they only viewed it as a good thing.

    Just his demeanour seemed to breed respect and you could tell that come the end the commission all including the lawyers seemed to be happy with the information that they had got.

    In fact a lot of their concerns had been addressed and so they could see that there would be a probable solution to many of their concerns,

    I really liked the obvious concern Brother Jackson had for the abuse victims though and I think even though we all knew it, it was something that everybody needed to hear, including the abuse victims who were probably listening in.

    I just get this feeling that after all that questioning, the brothers including the governing body are really going to do their best to iron out any problems there are and apply the commissions recommendations.

    I think the testimony was a triumph for all parties


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    Half banana

    How interesting Defender, the Jdub’s response was due to the Watchtower issue rose tinted spectacles and mental lobotomy performed at their baptism.

    What they didn’t notice was the smug self righteousness in GJ, his playing to the witness crowd and his lies. The Jdub expected truthful answers, therefore interpreting uncritically GJ’s replies to be such. Jdubs have no sense of critical thought, they are happy to be dumb sheep.

    What struck me was that people who lie only do so to cover their shame. It made me see evidence for the first time that the GB are driven to lying which means they are ashamed of their role, belief or stance.

    Is this because they actually know their teachings are fatally flawed and that they are mere imposters?

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    Dear Villlage Idiot. The Royal Commission hasn't stopped. That is the point I was trying to make. I understand that the "public" face of it may have. I do think that others here have mentioned that this actually started in 2013. The livestream was just one aspect of it, for ...........I don't know, perhaps the need for a public audience to feel they had "access" and were not cut out of proceedings.

    The commission goes from state to state, from person to person........This is funded for an extra two years. Try not to feel frustrated, as this is when we all make mistakes. I know I have made many in the past. Just quietly, quietly follow events when you feel inclined. And take heart in the fact that "all that was said" is transcribed. And that is that!! No one can say.........." I didn't say that!? For there it all is, on the RC website.

  • umbertoecho


    If the Watchtower are not watching this site..........I would be very surprised indeed.!!

    There is no ammunition to be gained by the WTBTS in terms of developing a case against the statements they, the elders, the COs, the GB Jackson and whoever else spoke, wrote or typed...........nothing is to be gleaned in terms of building up a defence against such indefensible actions where you collectively did nothing kind, moral or legal as a religious organization.

    For, they did not protect children from sexual predators.......There is nothing that can be gained in trying to defend this "evidence" that has come to light. And incredibly, they held onto it in bloody envelopes?!

    It is all there. There is nothing hidden except the identity of those courageous women who came forward. My god, it must have been devastating for them, but they did it!!

    The evidence is hard evidence, ie documents sent back and forth between the society, the congregations ...even that terribly sad letter written by hand by one of these women.. I do not see, feel, believe or have a shred of doubt that WT has anything to support their past actions and neglects. They are on utube stating that women can never be more than a co pilot.........Watch away Watchtower, read on, scroll through all the comments and links that people write, then skulk away in shame.......

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    Wow defender of truth.

    What medication was this person on? Because I would like some too......

    There is an almost "worshipping" of these men. What in the hell is wrong with them?

    Nah! Don't answer that...........

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    I personally think Brother Jacksons testimony was the best thing that has ever happened in relation to the issue of child abuse within our organisation

    By there being no mention of GJ's "presumptuous" rebuttal concerning the GB being in direct communication with God in those nauseating worship posts, indicates why "new light" is never questioned and so readily accepted by the die-hard Org zombie. I don't believe there exists a limit as to what those zombies will overlook in order to safegaud the fantasy.

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    Selective listening
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    I personally think Brother Jacksons testimony was the best thing that has ever happened in relation to the issue of child abuse within our organisation.

    Many JW's are so incredibly naive it's frightening. It's not surprising and it's clear for anyone on the outside I've spoken to about the RC and it's findings that the leaders intentionally covered it up.

    To JW's, you mean to tell me that over 1,000 pedophiles were not reported and covered up since the 50's/60's in the country of Australia alone and it was by outside authorities putting your beloved cult leader on the spot that forced him into partial confession, and somehow he's looking out for you guys? Ummmm, what?! What about all those decades of secrecy, why didn't he come forward then? What about all the other countries currently with pedophile database's? Why aren't your leaders coming forward in those cases? Your dictator wouldn't have mentioned a thing about pedophilia in the organization or uttered a phony apology for the victims if it weren't for "Satan's" organizations looking out for your children.

    If he was truly sincere, they would have plastered the Royal Commission live hearing and further information on the WT website. Time to wake up.

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