Phone call straight after the Royal Commission

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  • umbertoecho

    Hello people. Straight after the commission ended today within minutes, the phone rang. It was one of the people who are working on it. Firstly she established if I was alright and did I want to talk.

    I said I was too tired and unhappy that Geoffrey Jackson managed to do some preaching....She said they were aware of that. Then I said.."You know he was lying don't you, he was lying about the role of the GB in many subtle ways and not so subtle ways?" ............."Oh we knew that all along,we had the documents right here with us". I then said...." You do realize he is one of seven men who vote on policy and they don't sit around prayerfully as Jackson maintained, they just vote and sometimes the deciding factor is perhaps one vote?" She said she knew that too, and for me not to be too worried about the commission being fooled, for they were not fooled at all.

    I asked her if she really thought for one minute that the society is feeling bad about the plight of sexually molested children? And " You do know this is all about money don't you?".....Yes, she said they all knew it was about showing a façade of decency and holding onto money.

    I said that since the commission, many people are coming forward and what did this mean to the RC. She said this was expected and that everyone would be contacted and helped, and that all information would be kept for use later on......

    She was lovely and her words were not empty. She reminded me that I must not think it is over and that there is a long way to go. She has started the processes that I will go through but with tremendous support.

    I just thought it might help someone here who may be in Australia and is considering some action, even a small action.......not to be afraid. You will be treated very well and they will believe you.....OH!!!! Dear old Geoff made a few enemies today when he talked about a mother grooming her child to accuse the father of molestation....They thought it a dirty cheap shot..!

  • ListlessWitness

    Dear umbertoecho

    Thank you SO much for letting us know how the Commission is handling things, and especially that they are not fooled and that this is far from over.

    It is very reassuring to know that their calm acceptance of the testibaloney today is probably just setting them up to reveal more later. Mr Stewart did this in a more short-term way with each of the other witnesses, making them feel at ease and expressing themselves before dissecting their words later. They probably see how pivotal it will be to successfully dissect GB statements and are going to save this treat for later in the process. We all know just how many incriminating lies Geoffers uttered, they know it too and could use countless quotes from publications to point it out. Maybe they intend to carefully compare his words with what is written and have him back later in the process to spiritually help him become aware that he is a fork-tongued fool.

  • jhine

    That's great Umbertoecho , well done .


  • Lemonp

    Thanks for sharing that, friend.

    I am glad that they can see through it all! I cant wait for the final report of the RC, especially now as Jackson gave his full approval of it!

  • punkofnice
    umber - Yes, she said they all knew it was about showing a façade of decency and holding onto money.

    Spot on!


    To quote an old WT song...."Nows the time to preach the word, time to let the TTATT be heard! Never be by threats deterred, show why Angus is to be preferred!!" 😈

    Seriously, if it's not over, NOW is the time to compile WT quotes by subject and send them to the RC. They espescially need to know that "inactive" ones are marked for death and GJackson is lying.


  • notoneoftheboys
    Again thank you for sharing, my eyes were opened many years ago when in the mid 90s the letter was sent to the elders informing them that paedophiles could continue to serve. They have hundreds if not thousands of names in HQ of those who are guilty of crimes against children. Sad day. At one time I thought when they had meetings on the GB that God spoke thru them, forgive me father for I have sinned. Then I learned from Crisis of conscience, it was all lies.
  • Freesoul
    We should send them the video's of the interviews at the last round of assemblies. Where the parents are giving their own experience of shunning their own children
  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    You made the statement that a Royal Commission is "a iron fist in a velvet glove", not people to be lied to. That one statement has defined how I view these proceedings and I do think the church has a real problem.

    Thanks for your insight.

  • sir82

    Fantastic! Love it.

    They can see right through the façade.

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