Phone call straight after the Royal Commission

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Thank you for the update Umbertoecho !

    It is good to hear you are being treated so kindly .

    It is reassuring to know the commission is so well informed ,and able to see through the lies.


    @ Outlaw...

    I get that, but what I meant was specifically calling out the parts where he was trying to mislead them, proving that he was lying using WT documents, and getting him to grudgingly acknowledge the fact (the way they did with the others).

    Plus, there was a couple of other lines of questioning I would have gone with that didn't happen.....Vidiot

    Jackson thinks he`s "Playing" the Australian Royal Commission using "Theocratic WarFare Strategy/Lying"..

    The Royal Commission knows Jackson is Lying..


    ........Jackson Is Helping The Royal Commission..


    ..........Image result for tightening the noose

  • umbertoecho

    They had plenty of exJWs on board. There was no problem with gaining inside information..........those little things that only a JW knows or knew about WTBTS method of teaching and handling of complaints, DF ing and so on. They had some pretty good people with well educated back grounds who could assist them.

    And yes; it was frustrating listening to Jackson try to minimise his/their role. But they were not ever fooled. The RC had known of his being in Australia from the time he arrived. They choose when to act or when it's better to see how things pan out.

    Then again, they had commenced gaining understanding and dealing with this particular issue since they announced the RC back in 2013.

    That's what I trust about the RC, for it shows a thorough and methodical approach. To actually compel Jackson to answer up was a good thing as he and his words are now "captive." loosely quote Angus Stewart.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Thank you Umbertoecho‚̧

  • Watchtower-Free
  • umbertoecho

    Ha.......Thanks for the little black heart Rip...........Nice touch.

  • umbertoecho

    Umber, you are my hero

    Aww shucks Crow........what can I say?

  • Bud Stars
    Bud Stars
    It was comforting that you shared this conversation. I rejoiced to confirm that the commission could see through the misinformation from Jackson. Now we need to be patient and leave the next step in the capable hands of the commission. AND figure out how to get an inquiry such as this in the United States.
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    Thanks for the update. Nice to know they can see through the BS
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Does anyone know when the RC will resume?

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