Do video games cause bad behaviour in children?

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  • Diogenesister
    Pokemon LOL!! Have they really got nothing better! Boy they really want to sqeeze every ounce of joy out of the kids don't they? Funny one decades terror is deemed a bit education 20 years later! Ie strategy game = using your brain =good
  • zebulon

    My 2 cents,

    My son and I used to play Pokemon. A new age form of chess and the card game "war". It taught him strategy and patience. (I used to take my time, I hate losing.) Then we bought an xbox 360. And the games got more violent. I always talked to my son about the difference of a game and reality. (He is 17 now and could pilot a drone aircraft for the military). You need to get involved in the games he likes to play. You then can guide him on what he can learn from the experience. Oh, btw, every kid on the face of this planet has friends that get to do everything and anything at anytime. Limiting game time is a must. If need be, talk to his friends parents and set up rules, it works. And some of the games are very cool. It is a good bonding time. I have introduced Formula 1 racing on PS4 and most of his friends play now racing each other, and me, lol.

    You can google the rules of Pokemon and learn how to play in a short time. Then you can introduce new games to him to balance the more violent ones. Once he knows you want to play and explore new stuff with him, you will have a son and friend for life.

    Good Luck


  • jwfacts

    Kids need something to make the hours go by. When I was a kid everyone was so worried about watching tv. Now its video games, or the internet. I was just in Cuba, and they are too poor to have video games so the kids play marbles in the dirt. I don't really see any difference between each of these activities. However, there should be some time limits, and encouragement to do physical activities as well.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    adjusted knowledge: Pokemon was invented in 1995. The card game came out in the US in 1999, the TV show in the US in 1997, and the first video games were released in 1998 in the US.

    Not sure where you got 1994 from.

  • talesin

    Video games, like VLT gambling terminals, set off wonderful chemicals in the brain. The same chemicals that are produced by cocaine (OH JOY, OH BILISS!!) ....

    And on a related note, the story above.

    Yeah, let's pretend ..... What-EVER!


  • truthseekeriam

    I feel so guilty now but I remember having my son throw out all if his Pokeman card( some worth good money) when the talks were coming in about them. He was so upset with me! Can't blame him.

    He is now 20 and in my opinion spends way to much time on computer games. While he's not violent he can be quite annoying when you make him leave his game in the middle to throw out the trash:)

    I truly don't understand the appeal of video games, but then again I get annoyed when people interrupt me while I'm reading the latest here.

    Pick your battles.

  • Viviane
    Yeah, let's pretend ..... What-EVER!

    Whatever, exactly how much sense that article makes.

    No, video games do not make children violent.


    Do video games cause bad behaviour in children?

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    Image result for No

    .............WITH A CHERRY ON TOP

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Well a lot of good information here to contemplate over when I finish work tonight.

    Personally I raised the subject because I do believe pokomon is a negative game basically about instant death. Having spoken with my son about this, i do NOT believe this particular game is harmful for him.But he has informed me some of his friends are playing computer games not suitable for his age group. We have agreed that he does not play on these games at his friends home. I trust him on that.

    I must say I prefer it when he is flying a kite or playing football as I think this is much healthier and being good at sport can make a person so much more confident in themselfs. But i guess I must accept we are living in 2015. However I do like to believe that changes in the social order, should not beyond my parental skills, and that a balance can be found between what I consider harmful violent video games, and being over protective as a parent.

    Most importantly he is going to have a bloody good education, something I was denied as a kid.

    is anybody aware of any unbiased research that has been done on this subject.

    The Rebel.

  • kaik

    Video games are played by various people in many age groups. The biggest spender for video games is generation between age 30 and 40, who played more games than younger generation. I enjoy playing video games especially medieval theme and I am well over 40. My former boss was extremely into video games and had an extensive collection at home. Many elderly play board games online like my mom and step dad. Yet, you do not see there is correlation between violence and gaming in the age group, because there is none. I have not read any serious study that would link video games with violence. Prior video games, similar association was done for comic books.

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