Purgatory, Limbo or the Twilight Comfort Zone

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  • SolidSender

    No offence meant but is this place some kind of waystation inhabited by beings neither in nor out of the lie? This is not a criticism just an observation. I'm only new here. I know it can take time to make up your mind-SolidSender

  • Seven

    Why do you ask? Do you not know where you are? Many of us are simply here to talk, away from the crusaders and away from the front lines. We are all unique individuals who in spite of our differences have somehow become friends.

  • SolidSender

    7 - thanks for the question. Well as I said i'm only new here and have been spending a lot of time reading back through the post archives. I suppose you could say that I was expecting people to be a little more left or right. A lot of people seem to be ambiguos - dissatisfied or unhappy about the WTBTS and being a member of it -but feel compelled for various reasons to remain within it.-SolidSender

  • SolidSender

    PS - I guess I'm surprised that a lot of people arn't actually more angry about what this has done to their lives that's all.

  • Simon

    I think a lot of people are angry but you have to temper that because of familly and friends that are still in the religion

  • Dubby


    I was mad as hell for a long time after I did some research on the WTS. That was a couple years ago, and now I do my own thing. I was in for over ten years. Long enough to still piss and moan, now that the anger has worn off.

    The kind of indoctrination we went through sticks in the mind for a while. When I first got on-line, I started a message board and attacked the WTS whenever I could. Kind of like what happened when I first became a JW- the self-righteous s.o.b. that defended the WTS without anything to back it up. Only now, I know more about the Society than most hardened JW's learned in a lifetime.

    So, I'm kinda chillin' these days. I spent most of my anger.

  • SolidSender

    Simon - Hi, so who wins? them or you? do you then just spend your whole life in this neither here nor there limbo for their sake? I can't see to much advantage in that personally.-SolidSender

  • SolidSender

    Dubby, let's replace the word anger with resolve or conviction. Without doubt that the WTBTS is wrong!

  • Frenchy

    Solid, I don't presume to speak for anyone here and as Seven pointed out, we are a diverse group that has come together here and we have become friends. Most people that I have spoken to here, and on other boards, have admitted that this (the JW faith) is no 'ordinary' religion, not for one who was truly dedicated to it. Being a JW becomes a calling, a lifestyle, a philosophy, a mindset, a purpose in life, a goal, a total and unqualified committment to the virtual exclusion of everything else. All of this is held together by the hope of a world which no sane person could resist from longing for.
    VERY few people are able to walk away from this easily. Just remember what a JW is doing when he does walk away. He is turning his back on everything he once believed in. Everything because he once believed that everything that meant anything to him was 'in the truth'.
    It's like being awakened suddenly from a deep sleep and coming out of a beautiful dream. At first you just want to go right back to sleep and stay in the dream. It takes a while to realize that it's time to go to work and that the dream, as beautiful as it was, was only a dream. You get up but...somewhere down deep inside of you, way past logic and reasoning, you still long for the dream.
    I suppose each exodus is different inasmuch as we are all individuals. My experience in talking to people who have left has given me the impression that most have a difficult time extracating themselves from the dream.
    It's a harsh reality out here, I can't say that I care too much for it myself. Jesus said that 'the truth shall set you free'. I always thought that meant that it would bring one joy. If that is indeed the case, then I must be in a transitional stage because the 'truth' that I have found thus far has not done much to bring me happiness. So far, to me personally, the truths that I have learned has been more like Eve's fruit. My eyes are open now and I see, but I don't like what I see...and sometimes I still dream of the garden.

    -Say what you mean, mean what you say-

  • Zep

    No offence meant but is this place some kind of waystation inhabited by beings neither in nor
    out of the lie? This is not a criticism just an observation. I'm only new here. I know it can take
    time to make up your mind-SolidSender

    >>>>Yep Solid, it feels like no-mans land here.... Somewhere inbetween h20 and witnet.....A waystation, thats it!...away from the front lines like Seven said!
    Yeah ,has a slightly kool relaxed vibe about it eh!

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