We are not thinking folks. What is the best way to get JW's to check out the events in Australia.

by James Mixon 43 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • mrquik
    Great idea. I wish I could use it but I'm widely known as an "apostate" in western NY. Best I can do is honk the horn on the Harley Sunday mornings going by the cult meeting.....
  • sir82
    Ask them if they are going to watch the "talk" to be given by GB member Jackson on Friday. A "special broadcast" to be made.
  • Vidiot
    I gotta say; the "apostate" community has come a long way from sandwich-board protests outside of Assembly Halls.
  • krejames
    I'm seeing my family this weekend. I intend to ask them whether they have had any negative comments on the doors about "what's going on in Australia" and see if they take the bait. I suspect they won't as I've noticed they are very wary about discussing anything even mildly negative about the JWs with me.....everything is happy happy happy...

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