We are not thinking folks. What is the best way to get JW's to check out the events in Australia.

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    Tell our JW family members, door knockers, and stand sitters that you were very impressed

    by the Branch overseer and other Elders in Australia, they gave a fine witness.

    So what will happen, they will tell their friends the brothers in Australia gave a fine

    witness. Their friends will ask, what is happening in Australia? Bingo! we got them...

    JWs are always Looking for Good Press..

    That would Work and it`s Hilarious..LOL!!..


    That`s One of the Best Hooks I`ve Seen In A Long Time..


  • Anon2

    My method depends on the person. My parents are JW's, my sister bowed to the pressure and was baptized, and has regretted it, and them, and loathes any religion since. She's successfully faded and is married to a Catholic. She's a treat. No sugar coating and honest open talk. We discussed the hearings daily.

    My dad is dead, and mother is a JW in name only. She doesn't attend but perches next to her speaker call in meeting thing on the phone. I asked her if her Witness friends had been out to bring her magazines and if something was going on because I'd heard some really disturbing things. Gossip isn't something she can pass up, regardless of who or what it's about. I told her and asked her if my elderly aunt had heard about it. She said she doubted it but she wasn't about to ask because she'd report her for apostasy.

    Next call to the aunt. Of two elderly aunts, one died, A devout JW who never married, never had children, and stayed single because back in the day, that's what the leaders recommended. She died alone, at home, waiting for 4-6 months for someone to drop off her Watchtower and Awake magazine. In her words to my mom, she said, "I always gave them 20.00 when they brought them, but the last time I hadn't been to the bank so I didn't give them anything. I hope that's not the reason they aren't coming."

    So, I called my remaining, devout, pious, totally mind controlled JW aunt who wouldn't think twice about reporting her sister for apostasy. Thankfully, she lives several states away.

    She needed more gentle handling. HA. I asked her what in the world was going on in the organization and is she doing ok. She was shocked and wondered why I asked. I asked her if they'd been preaching about persecution or the end being near. She thought and said they had mentioned some things, but why was I asking. I said, "do you think it could be starting? Persecution I mean?" She said, "well, I wouldn't doubt it. Now that I think about it, they had a little talk about it on the jw.org site. What is going on? Do you know anything?" I said, no, not really, but was just concerned. As long as she's ok, I don' want to worry her.

    After a bit she was getting a little testy not getting the information she was after, so I told her I was concerned about the horrible things being said about all those poor little kids being molested. That it was mind boggling that any religion could have so many and no one charged or prosecuted and it allegedly went on for years, so I went to the website and am still having trouble figuring things out and getting around the site, but they have all these documents online and there was some Flock book and something about the subscriptions to the magazines and all kinds of things but after I saw that about they really do have subscriptions but they want people to deliver the magazines so they can get a donation and after poor dear, Aunt XXXX waiting for her magazines until she died and suspecting they weren't bringing them because she didn't pay them last time, kind of made me feel sick.There. Like Ralphie in the Christmas story, I blurted it out.

    She said, "you don't mean?" Which is southern speak for tell me this isn't true. Are you serious? I told her yup. It was awful. She said, "that flock book you mentioned, it wasn't "Shepherd the Flock..." I said, "YES, that's it, thank you." She said. No. They didn't have that on there did they? I said, yes, with a lot of other things, but after reading about the way to get a subscription and thinking about poor Aunt XXXX I didn't sort through the rest of them.She asked about it but I told her it upset me too much to even relay it and if it's something confidential, it's best we don't discuss it anyway....even though it's not right what they did. (Confidential or not, she'll be looking)

    Told her on the way out of the website, I saw a thing where that governing body man that seems nice was going in there Fri. 11 am and it's going broadcast live, so if I'm not too busy, I'll watch it because I'm sure he'll tell them to leave you guys alone and will also make them get those confidential things off there. But it hurts me for Aunt XXXX to know she could have had her magazines come by subscription and wouldn't have missed them the during the last months of her life. But in case I miss it, if she watches, make sure and let me know what he says. I've forgotten so much but remember how they used to say something about we shouldn't fear man and if brought before officials, Jehovah would let them know what to speak, so I bet it will be the Witness of all time.

    She started with the, "but I think they'd have said something, and we don't usually go to places like that...." I said, "oh, no need to explain. I just figured you were allowed to see your governing body but no, it doesn't matter. If I miss it, it doesn't matter at all. She said, that's true. She didn't know why they didn't say anything but there surely couldn't be anything wrong with it. So she's going to try to catch it. heh.

    (Thanks to all the earlier posts and threads that were able to offer so many ideas)

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Anon: a great job, well done.
  • steve2

    Firstly, I acknowledge my view is likely not shared by everyone, and I do not wish to cause offense but Anon2's post seems almost gloating in its intent.

    I'm a little surprised you phoned your elderly aunt to try to "innocently" pique her "interest" in the Royal Commission in Australia.

    I'm always a little bit wary of trying to open the eyes of older ones and would only do so if they had already indicated some doubts. Otherwise what a sad realization for any elderly individual that they religion they gave their life to is no different from any other religion - and in some ways even worse than most - regarding its treatment of people.

  • Anon2
    You're very kind, James Mixon. Thank you very much!
  • Anon2
    Oh wow, Steve2. I didn't mean it to seem that way, but it does, doesn't it? There are reasons that I did it that way with her, but it may have been wrong. Your points are valid and I'll give them consideration. Thank you for your honesty and my apologies to anyone who was offended by it.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Anon2, you are brilliant! Well played!

    Really, it reminds me of when my children were little, and they needed to have a well rounded diet. Perhaps they were not interested in eating 'different' things. It was for their benefit to not be "restricted" in the food that they ate.

    All I needed to do was smack my lips, say mmmmmmm..... and not offer it to them, and their brains started to change. If I DID offer them anything, it was just a teeny, tiny bit... as if I was not that interested in having them eat it....

    Results? A healthy diet.


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Anon2: Rescuing someone from a captor is heroic.

    You were not trying to be mean, were you? Just adjusting to the personality, right?

  • Anon2

    Cha ching, your children are so fortunate to have a Mama like you. You gave them a healthy diet while making them think it was their idea, and you made me laugh.

    Thank you for your compassion. No, I wasn't trying to be mean. She has an unfortunate habit of forcefully stating her beliefs but refusing to hear anyone else's.

    Others outside of the religion have told her she is being taken advantage of by her congregation and have told my sister and myself of different money schemes that she is involved in with the congregation and is convinced it's "for Jehovah."

    There's a big backstory, but enough said. Guess that knowing nothing would convince her the organization does any wrong, ever, I was hoping to plant a little seed that could slowly grow so she'd open her eyes. But, maybe it's better she doesn't. Just don't know, but do know I appreciate you kindness more than I can say. Thank you.

  • johnamos

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    everyone should send an email to the above US CNN and tell them to cover the ARC...after all the headquarters of JW's is here in US.

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