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  • BeautifulMind
    Hi! I've been enjoying all of the discussions here for a good while now. I found this site as I was researching things about this religion I've been in (finally after nagging curiosity and questions) but I wanted to figure things out more before coming on here and posting. I'm glad to see that Im not alone or crazy! This is still pretty new so me and my husband are still in, mentally tho we are completely out. We have already cut back on service and meeting attendance. We are fortunate to have small children who won't be indoctrinated like we were. We stopped pumping them with all of the JW stuff and are getting them into normal thinking - well at least one of them. The other is still a baby. Anyway, Like many of you, we are both born-ins and still have friends and family in so we we are taking our time figuring out our next steps, very cautiously. But, we are kicking back and enjoying the fact that we learned the truth of this religion and snapped out of it and are now free to be us. Glad to be here.
  • OneEyedJoe
    Welcome! It's always nice to hear of a couple that's getting out together. Another marriage beats the cult!
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Welcome, Beautiful!

    So nice to be able to get your children free from the cult - just have to watch the grandparents if they are still in and if they are very involved with the kids. That being said, it's sort of easy to fade a lot when you have little kids and babies, as there are lots of real excuses always happening.

    You are definitely not crazy and never alone here on this great forum.


  • Oubliette
  • freemindfade
    Welcome to the party !
  • maksutov
    Yay! Another family freed! Well done.
  • Diogenesister

    So glad you and spouse are on the same wavelength, lovely to hear. Enjoy this wonderful time with young children, it really is the happiest time of your life so try not to get too stressed about things as you will never have this special time again! (Ok preaching over, that's the only type of middle aged preach you will hear from me!)

  • clarity

    A free mind is a ..... BeautifulMind! Huge welcome & congratulations on your escape ......millions are still stuck in that captive mind-set!

    There may be some ups & downs ....kinda like a rollercoaster, but just take it slow, no reason to rush, armageddon is not coming. God won't kill you ....... it is really just a business, Watchtower babble & Real Estate Investment & Printing Co. Send us money!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you & Hubby. Best of everything to your family.


  • Giordano

    Good news you are both in agreement! It sounds like you'll do a fade which is what my wife and I did many decades ago. We haven't missed a meeting in over 40 years LOL!

    If you have followed some of the treads re fading it is best not to voice your doubts to any JW as they are not reliable when it comes to hearing TTATT. If family is in and are real believers they will run to the Elders to get you help. Unfortunately the Elder's are far more helpful in DF people then they are in helping.

    We moved out of the area and did not join another congregation. Of course that is not always possible.

    I hope your blood cards have been tossed. It always amazed me that a JW is willing to walk around with a suicide note in their pocket.

    On this site conversation and your point of view will be respected. We've all been where you are now.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Welcome Beautifulmind, and I hope you have a beautiful life outside the organisation.

    The Rebel.

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