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  • steve2

    Hello Beautuful Mind! Welcome! - time is on your side - after all the new Bethel under construction in Britain is due for completion in 2019.

    There is no urgency, no emergency.

    Sometimes it can take our brains some firm but gentle reassurance that life is for living right now, rather than in some imaginary future that keeps receding into the distance and before we know it, we are geting older and infirm...and still waiting just like so many generations of believers before us.

    To borrow from one of the magazine's own buzz phrases, "Now is the time to awaken!"

  • umbertoecho

    Big Big welcome from me too. I am so glad you have decided not to raise your children in such a miserable religion. Wait! On no!! They will be "normal" they will have parents who will let them reach their full potential!!!!. Oh dear, what will they do with their educations and birthday celebrations.

    Witnesses you once knew will hope that your' life will plummet out of control. And when you actually soar, they will suffer a grim form of envy for your "apparent happiness".

    Oh, This is truly wonderful.

    This site helped me. I started here two years ago. I was so afraid that at first I just posted something hideously vague expecting some elder to knock on my door any minute, or the guilt to show vividly on my face. I was just afraid and had no where to go. So convinced that this was the moral, spiritual end of me........But the sky did not fall in and my kids (who I never raised as witlesses) became very conscious of a change in my attitude. I actually went to birthday parties and sang the song. This year!!!!! Yay!

    Recently I have posted about something very close to my heart and have never been treated in any way but with great kindness, some good humour and a lot of bloody good honesty. Nothing cruel.............But! There is a crazy factor here, a very funny mob who use irreverence to convey some interesting angles..............It's my favourite place.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Hi and welcome. I remember when I first figured out the apostate boogeypeople were not fire breathing vitriolic meanies. they were just people. Some hurt, some healing, and some just living and supporting others.

    So my first question is basically what was the catalyst for "waking up". I'm always curious, because I'm always thinking about what actually works with people.

  • FayeDunaway
    Pa2 I was curious about the same thing :) it always seems to be something from inside, not something we can say to people, but something they have personally discovered or seen that is the instigator. Tell us what it was, and if it was you or your husband first.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Welcome, but be careful that you mind don't explode, just remember you

    are on the road toward sanity.

  • BeautifulMind
    Problemaddict2, FayeDunaway and whoever else is curious lol. Like most, there have been a number of things over the years that I didn't agree with. It was all I knew so I just pushed those doubts away and just went along with everything..it was easier. What really got the process started for me tho were my babies. I still don't know why, but after having my second baby I started having a gut feeling that I needed to find out more about the religion I had been born into. I guess because I didn't know anything but what my parents told me. I never really thought to research it before, I just assumed my parents were right and what the org was telling me was good enough. Anyway, having my babies made me think about life differently. I started to question my own beliefs, if I really believed it was the true religion. So because of how rigid the religion is, I thought if I was going to raise my kids in it and subject them to that way of living I had to be 100% sure I was right. So I started googling everything JW. I really thought I would be reassured that I was in the true religion!! But nope..the very first thing that caught my attention was the Jw and UN association. Of course I had to validate it as authentic through days of research. That was big enough shock to my mind to open my eyes. and so I continued to research and analyze. I still am. Everything else I began to uncover was just more evidence that I was making the right decision. Anyway, I decided I could not raise my kids in this religion or continue myself. When I approached my husband he felt the same way and was relieved, shocked lol...but happy. He had been feeling this way for over 10 years with his own doubts and questions, but I didn't know. I was a super JW lol...so he thought I would go to the Elders...I probably would have smh...so yeah, that is how it started.
  • FayeDunaway

    Fellow life doubter here with a similar tale. It's because we care about what we are teaching our children! And we want them to have good lives!

    Here's to breaking the cycle, and your open and free mind. 🍺

  • LisaRose

    Welcome Beautiful Mind! I hope you have smooth and easy transition out of the Borg. Freedom is a wonderful thing, especially the freedom to look at the facts and accept what they tell you. I am happy two little ones won't be damaged by the Watchtower but can grow up free and happy.

    Lisa Rose

  • flipper
    BEAUTIFUL MIND- Welcome to the forum here ! Nice to have you and welcome to your freedom of mind. I was born in and raised a JW too- got out over 12 years ago at age 44. I'm happy to see that your children will have that same freedom of mind. Take care, we are here for you and your husband and children
  • smiddy

    Bm ,I add my best wishes to you and your family for exiting this excuse for a religion ,enjoy your stay.


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