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  • opusdei1972

    This morning I phoned my sister so as to know how the things are going with her problem with the congregation. If I remember well, five weeks ago, my sister was asked by the elders (in the street) to attend a judicial meeting for apostasy. My sister told them that she firstly needs a formal letter specifying who is accusing her. But one of the elders, in an uneducated manner, shouted her by saying that she has only one week to attend the judicial meeting for apostasy. After that week, a spy in the congregation phoned my sister and told her that she could hear that one of the elders was talking to other one by cellphone, and this one said that in the next meeting my sister would be disfellowshipped. However, my sister sent to the elders a notification, through a notary, in which she asked the elders to write a formal invitation to do the judicial meeting for apostasy, because she will be present with her lawyer. A copy of this letter was sent to the three elders. After that, my sister phoned one of the elders to ask him when this meeting would be. The elder told her that they will call her. However, until now, nothing happened. It seems that they have stopped the proceeding.

    Are they afraid for holding a meeting with a lawyer??

  • Perry
    Yes. When the lights come on, the cockroaches scatter. They hate the light, being by nature creatures of darkness.
  • rebel8
    I wonder if they are just delaying until they get a decision from wt legal dept.
  • jwfacts
    They won't allow a lawyer. They will likely df her in her absence.
  • cognac

    I'm in agreement with JWFacts. The only way I've ever heard of getting the elders off your back is to threaten to sue them.

  • opusdei1972
    If the elders disfellowship her for apostasy, she knows that the congregation will speculate about her moral behavior. May be some sisters, who were her friends, will say that she was disfellowshipped for committing sexual immorality, and so on. So, she told me that if she is disfellowshipped, she will make public this act of defamation.

    Women are like tea leaves. You never know their strength until they are in hot water. Overbearing men fear strong women. Those Elders will DF her just to save face.

    She should have her lawyer threaten to sue those Elders as individuals for defamation of character. Leave the WTBTS out of it. If the Elders call the legal department, the WT reps will go down a flow chart, the final answer will be, "You are on your own."


  • hoser
    If they disfellowship her without approval from the branch or if they do not follow direction as outlined in the flock book the corporation will not back them up if a lawsuit happens.
  • nonjwspouse
    DD what an excellent line with the tea leaves. Is this yours or just one i've not heard before? I so want to use that one 😎
  • millie210

    I have heard (here on this site) that involving the legal system gets you an abeyance which can last indefinitely. (or forever...see the familiar JW use of that word?)

    In my off this board life, I have been told that the other way to get an abeyance is to state that you will be suicidal if you are DFd.

    I was told this was the "new" protocol for the service desk to follow.

    I am assuming if you are dealing with very difficult elders this "suicide" threat would have to appear in the form of documentation from a Dr. or therapist.

    Basically, both reasons have ZERO to do with guilt of anything scriptural or lack of.

    What is at play is legal liability. A paper trail of any sort ups the individuals odds and lowers the Orgs.

    They know that.

    So anyone being threatened with a judicial meeting they dont want should consider one of the two options above.

    It is completely irrelevant if it is true or not. It is a pre-preemptive move using the only thing the Org fears - the legal system/judgements ($$$)

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