Tonight's memorial - did you go?

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  • BugEye

    Well, after 30 years, We didnt go.

    Actually, two years ago we didnt go either, but that was because we forgot. This time, it was a well thought out decision between my wife, myself and my mother.

    My inlaws called us up to "remind" us, but they live a long way away and we simply said we wouldnt be going.

    Instead, we celebrated our own memorial, and after doing 3 days of serious bible research, we concluded that we would partake. We had explained several days earlier to my 7 year old that we would no longer be going to any meetings and that we no longer thought that it was "The Truth" even though we had been inactive for 4 years.

    This last month has been quite strenuous mentally, and we did a significant amount of study to arrive at the conclusion that we did.

    We had read no "external" books, and only minimally on the net, but we got watchtower literature, bibles and lexicons and arrived at the conclusion that they are simply a Pharisaical group that "traverses sea and dry land to make a proselyte" and that any further association even mentally with them would retard us.

    This is my first post on the net.

    If I did this post wrong, please let me know the "right way"



  • Esmeralda

    Congratulations, Dave. You did just fine with your first post :)

    You've taken a big step into a much larger world. It can get nervewracking at times, but
    the journey is well worth it.

    Welcome to the board, I hope that you'll find lots of support here!


  • BugEye

    Thanks Esmerelda.

    Actually the steps were taken gradually over time, but the crunch decision needed to be arived at (was it the truth or not). I have had a wonderful life and I have a perfect wife and have learned to study hard and think deep.

    Even the bad times have helped me to become the person that I am and over the last while I began to believe that I'm a pretty good example of a nice human being. (not some lowlife wretch who deserves only a horrible death ;-)) BTW I am Australian.

    Thanks for your reply

  • Prisca

    Hey... another Aussie is on this site! G'day! I'm an aussie too!

    I can feel for everyone who has posted on this thread.

    This year's memorial was the first I have ever missed. I had thought about it for several months, but realised the whole JW thing was not something I wanted to be part of anymore. If I went to the Memorial, it would be an admission that I still wanted to be a part of it. But I don't. So I stayed at home and chatted to the folks in the chat room here. Had a great time too. I still believe in the ransom sacrifice and all that. I just don't believe it's right to literally snub the emblems as they are passed around. To me that is rejecting Christ's sacrifice, not accepting it.

  • BugEye

    Hello Prisca,

    Interesting that you mention the emblems that way. That was my thought initially, but my wife was dead against partaking, so we assigned her to research it in the bible.

    There is nothing anywhere that indicates not taking the emblems except for those not worthy. The point that clinched it for my wife though was Judas Iscariot. Although it is generally accepted that he left the room before the bread and wine symbols were passed around, a run through of the gospels leaves it up in the air. And as my wife said, if it was important, it would have been made clear. Therefore, everyone partakes.

    Just ramblings at how we arrived at it.


  • JT


    we welcome you and your family- you have found TRUE FREEDOM



  • outnfree

    Just wanted to say welcome, BugEye.
    What a GIANT step, but one in the right direction, I'm convinced, for you and your family.
    How nice that your mother sees it your way too.
    Walk softly and lovingly with the in-laws and all may work out wonderfully well one day.


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