Im curious. What kind of lifestyle the GB live?

by SecretSlaveClass 27 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Quarterback
    No one could pay me enough money to live in Brooklyn. I know that New York City, and Brooklyn are prime real estate. It's amazing what a small 200 sq ft appartment rents for in that part of the world. Yes, they get their clothes washed, meals served, cars repaired at $5.00 an hr labour rate, but so does a person in the Army. They get no Religious Holidays off. On Christmas day, they are still reporting for work. They only get a couple of hours off on the day they need to attend the Memorial. But their reward is great in the heavens.
  • Quarterback
    I don't care what Matthew McConohey says. A Buick Continental is still an Old Man's car.
  • OnTheWayOut

    They all worked their way up the ladder as pioneers of some sort. The alternative to their life is what everyone else at Bethel gets or go home. Regardless of how high or low their quarters seem to be, they travel anywhere and everywhere high style on the corporate clock. They are treated like movie stars / rock stars and get green handshakes. Pretty good compared to Sister Regular Pioneer at the Kingdom Hall.

  • JustMe2
    To be accurate, having their laundry and cleaning done and their meals provided are not special perks gIven to the GB but are done for all at Bethel.
  • umbertoecho
    Just go to Ministry Cars...............then you will see the cars they no longer think fit for their precious backsides..........Go have a bloody look at them....these are the ones they sell after those servants of ............who knows what anymore, will no longer suffer to drive in them.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Thanks for all the input folks. Very interesting indeed.
  • snugglebunny

    They always had it tough..

    "A 1931 Ford cost about $600.00. The Cadillac [below] cost between $5,400.00 and $9,200.00 depending upon style. This means Rutherford's Cadillac cost between NINE and FIFTEEN times as much as a regular new card in its day. That car cost much more than many nice houses of the day."

  • WingCommander
    Take notice to the caption of Rutherford standing next to his 16cylinder Cadillac above. Notice how the word "His" is with a capitalized "H"? Almost as though you were speaking about God Himself, huh? No mere man should have "His" capitalized in such a fashion. No one, with the exception of Jesus Whom was divine Himself. Who the hell do these people think they were/are? Incredible.

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