Im curious. What kind of lifestyle the GB live?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    They don't have much in the way of personal assets - i.e. they're not millionaires.

    In addition to what others have said, they are waited on hand and foot in all matters - free of charge. Someone does their hoovering. Someone cleans and irons their clothes. Someone serves them food, then washes their plates afterwards. They have access to the best medical care, funded by the WTS. They have free travel, usually first class. Just about the only things they do for themselves is brush their teeth and wipe their backsides.

    Also, lots of brothers are eager to wine and dine them, perhaps also giving them 'green handshakes' or gifts.

    They are also almost constantly fawned over. Their collective ego must be gigantic.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  • Vidiot

    Free housing, new cars, and first-class air travel wherever they go.

    More than most of us.

  • oppostate

    There's an account of a brother from Malta who called a GB member at the luxury hotel resort he was staying during his visit to "give a talk" in the Island.

    The brother asked the GB member if he thought it was okay to stay at that very expensive resort in a place where most witnesses are rather poor and the GB member felt he didn't have to answer anything and ended up hanging up on him.

    I'm just telling the gist of what I remember about the story but it is somewhere online still. It just goes to show how just like all CEO's and big religious leaders like the fancy life and live at the expense of others' hard work.


    Im curious. What kind of lifestyle the GB live?

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  • leavingonthenextplane

    THey have excellent lives. I remember Sydlik had a very nice room much better than the average bethelite. As a matter of fact every 4 years if I remmeber correctly everyone gets to bid on rooms in bethel. The mmore seniority the bigger or better location you can get. Some of the rooms are very very nice. If you were to rent one of those same rooms on the other side of the water you would be paying thousands of dollars a month rent as they overlook the Manhattan skyline. Their offices are also very nice as well.

    Then you hae the MULTITUDE of gifts they receive. The fine Jewelry, all the groveling they receive from everyone and the globehopping etc...etc...


    All their bills are paid. No rent. All their medical expenses covered. They never have to worry about normal problems that the working class encounter.

    They can travel all over the world and be treated like spiritual gurus! They sign bibles and get the celeb treatment! They are all fat as hell, have you seen them?? They aren't missing meals!

    They are living the good life! They even have minions who go to court for them! We pay for it!


  • jwleaks

    Regardless of how they live, one thing that has been established over the past two weeks is that they surround themselves with gormless idiots.

  • sparrowdown
    When I imagine how the GB lives I think of a King Solomon/ Donald Trump combo.
  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw

    So where do all the billions go? It sure would be interesting to hear from the top accountant.

    Who has access to the bank accounts?

    What is the Orgs net profit per year?

    Are they really spending all their money on property?


  • SecretSlaveClass

    Sparrow: that was my incorrect initial thought.

    Bob: I assume the majority of us would love to see that information!

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