Im curious. What kind of lifestyle the GB live?

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  • SecretSlaveClass
    Anyone ever seen pictures or the actual houses and cars the GB own? Im wondering if the live a middle class lifestyle or more like high society?
  • freemindfade
    The get the choice places in BK bethel, which in some ways isn't saying a whole lot, unless you consider the value of the space they inhabit. Prime NY real-estate, but then that goes for anyone living there. Never seen one in a car.
  • sir82

    Houses? I take it you are not familiar with JWs.

    GB members live in Bethel, the compound/institution in Brooklyn NY. They live in apartment-style residences.

    They are nicer than the typical Bethelite gets, but certainly not luxurious.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Thanks, thats at least one plus. I was raised JW and my brother served in Bethel in South Africa but I had no idea the GB themselves lived at Bethel USA ...
  • freemindfade
    Yep. I remember running into them in Brooklyn heights when I live in the city. Its one of the most beautiful places to live, most people wouldn't consider it luxury conditions, just luxury location. But I think they have some responsibility in cleaning up that area, at least a little .
  • brandnew
    The drive the buick la'crosse of the year
  • Poztate

    They are nicer than the typical Bethelite gets, but certainly not luxurious

    I bet the new compound they are building in upstate NY will have a bit of a mansion touch to it for the GB

    It also seems that many of the world wide properties they are purchasing have an upscale look to them.

    Never seen one in a car.

    They have a fleet of cars at their disposal along with drivers for their personal use.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    This is on one of the upper floors of the Towers building in New York on the level where some of the GB had their apartments. They had nice balconies overlooking New York.
  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    They live large! I have relatives who volunteer at the new HQ buildings, and they said their apartments are huge, super luxurious, with boardrooms, offices and all inside each residence.

    Sure are following on the steps of JC! Or, is it more like Satan, believing themselves to be gods???


  • StarTrekAngel

    Yeah, not sure how lux their locations are, although very few probably know for sure. Lets not forget the outside does not define the inside. I used to work in an area of northern Mexico. There was this house that reminded me of the compound where they found Bin Laden. The outside looked like crap and it was located in a slum. But once you walked inside, there was nothing cheap about it.

    The nice thing is that they have every need tended to. And by that you have to realize that is "every thing". Many have said that they also have accommodations for themselves in other world branches, but I can not offer any evidence of that. In our local circuit, the CO has two apartments. This way he can live closer to where the assignment is for that week. One of the houses is right next to an Assembly Hall (Recently built). He does not even bother to clean any of those places or even cut the grass. Our congos take turns doing the cleaning and caring for the yard. There is a WT Study edition, April 2014. There is a biography there of a man who became one of the many assistants to Knorr. You should read it and see the amount of people that are enslaved to these men for some of the most trivial of tasks.

    Funny. the musicians that record the kingdom songs have to pay their way to NY twice a year and record for free, while the CO can not cut their little yard.

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