I Made the Literature Trolley Run Away Today - Twice

by cofty 48 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Haha classic! +1

    Now if only a wheel had fallen off the cart and they had been unable to escape ....

  • blondie
    What makes me wonder if it ever matters to them about the children that were abused, raped, molested? There are 5 children in my family, all of us sexually abused by our father. When I met with the elders over my under 18 sister finally telling us about her abuse (we all assumed we were the only one), I dealt with them and reminded them that these could be their own children my father had abused...that instead of seeing my sister that they obviously did not care about her pain, imagine their children's pain and what would they have done. They are like the Israelites that sacrificed their children into the fire of a false god.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    FREEMINDFADE - Lol, I've been guilty of that on several occasions as well.

    Edit to add: just showing this thread to my wife and did the same thing to your post! Damn!

  • jookbeard
    great one Cofty, I had a similar response this week as well, "not interested" was the exact same 2 words.
  • cultBgone
    FMF, I added a Like to BOC to smooth it out. :)
  • Watchtower-Free
    Way to Go!
  • Sauerkraut
    I think the majority of Witnesses will deny, deny, deny the real news of the authorities and their representatives until the last moment. The facts could be laid out for all to see, not leaving the slightest room for doubts and they would still believe it's good ol' Satan trying to get them. I can only hope this mass delusion will die out soon.

    Cofty...what can I say?? You are my 33%. Let me explain.

    While seeking knowledge to improve my life, I came across the 33% rule, or law of 33%. Basically, the idea is that you absolutely must spend 33% of your time with people more advanced than yourself.

    Tai Lopez' scam aside, it makes sense. You will never advance mentally, emotionally, or spiritually ( whatever that means and if you believe in it ) unless you seek out those better than you.

    I mention this law of 33% because I feel it's relevant to your story. Why? JWs spend their existence on one level, their own. There is no time spent with their "superiors", because they believe that they are THE best, the most educated ( divine wisdom ), the TRUTH.

    JWs are trapped at a certain level of existence because they cannot accept anything other than their fantasy/snowglobe world view. That is why they run from you, and by extension, reality.

    You are where I want to be. Great work. I hope to meet you and your wife someday. I want to by you a beer, talk about life, argue, get mad, hug, and be friends.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    That is so funny, these people crap in their pants when they come across an

    Apostate. To bad there wasn't a few worldly people around, "it's a lie".

    What would they think if they went home and google JW abuse. Who's the liar.

    We are their biggest headache, they thought persecution would come from the

    government, surprise EX- members. LOL

  • Lehman

    Apostates good liars-watch toole?spinks and o' Brian at the Royal commission-Angus actually says to bro o' Brian that he is lying.

    I enjoyed every second of it

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