I Made the Literature Trolley Run Away Today - Twice

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  • joe134cd
    I think apostate lies and satanic media might of sufficed at first, but now that things are becoming more open it will become harder to use that reasoning. I reply to these sort of remarks with, "one day in the not to distant future you may be forced to acknowledge that there is a problem with this".
  • Ding
    I can appreciate that. Is it that you are not interested in child molestation cases in general, or are you just not interested in child molestation involving Jehovah's Witnesses?

    [allow for response]


  • Dumplin

    Brian and Carol quickly snatch the boards from the top of the carts while Faye almost pulls a wheelie in her scooter and heads off down the High Street through a crowd of startled tourists. Now I get to watch Brian and Carol do an impersonation of headless chickens...

    ROFL!!!! now that's what i call a visual! That's almost as awful as the time i saw a man chase his glass eye down the excalator at the mall. ...headless chicken! ROFL!

    It must feel good for you to be back "witnessing" again! lol Like data dog said: "You are where I want to be."
    I have got to try it now! HAHAHAHAHA!! They have no response anymore, do they?

  • sparrowdown
    Maybe in the future the trolleys will be behind bullet proof glass. Like a tollbooth.
  • possum
    I have tried to calmly and respectfully talk to the trolley people! Nx time will follow your lead and have a specific topic and stick to it. Amazing how defensive and panicked they get. Poor things the WT expects so much from them and gives them so little training and support!!!!!
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    OMG you had them running they acted as if you were Satan in the flesh. Cart witnessing to the JW's it is almost like you got a captive audience unless they decide to run away with their fingers in their ears.

    I was thinking maybe have about 2 or 3 people go to where they are cart witlessing seperately with the same subject and then meeting them as a group and talk about the same point (like the commissions public inquiry into child abuse inside the Australian congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses I'm sure GB Jackson testimony should be made known to every JW whether they want to hear it or not).

  • LV101

    What an awesome day you had. Brian/wife's brains have to be pondering on your statements - tough to block out.

    Really pathetic he only blathered about apostates as if 1,006 victims are lying.

  • jwleaks

    Way to go Cofty. They don't like "anonymous" protesters either.


  • smiddy

    Where oh where are the trolley dolly`s in my neck of the woods .I haven`t come across any at all .and with this on-going media expose , I guess I won`t be seeing them for sometime yet .


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    is it a case of trolly attendants only doing it as an alternative to door knocking--but realising its a lot harder than they thought ?

    after all--its easy to stand on a door step for ages if no-ones at home--then slowly creep to the next house---only to be told to leave.

    but standing in a public place----to be approached by all and sundry--that takes some balls. then up comes an apostate----!!! i can understand why they ran away.

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