I cried for the past

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  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    joelbear, count me in as one of your friends too

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  • outoftheorg

    Hey HI Joelbear!!

    Hey its good to see you again! Glad you are feeling better. I shed many a tear going through what I described to you in another thread. It is all a part of the healing and coping mechanisms.

    Keep up the good work guy. I'll be looking for other posts from you in the future.

    I am not a very expressive personality so I don't display a lot of affection. Wish I could do more in that area. But I do feel for you and wish you all the best.

    See Ya Outoftheorg

  • Mulan

    Joel..........so HAPPY you are feeling better. You gave us all quite a scare.

    You are such a dear man..........especially to let us know you are doing better. I sure appreciate knowing it.

  • Vivamus

    Hello, we haven't realy "met" before. Crying is always such a relief, all that hurt and sorrow just seems to pour out of you. Afterwards, I usually feel drained, but better. Don't forget the past, we can learn from it. And peple we have lost, will live on in those memories.

    But also remember that te future holds many possibilities, including love, happiniess and peace. Never give up hope.

    Lots of positive thoughts send your way. ((((Joel))))

  • OrbitingTheSun

    Hi JoelBear I am still relatively new to the board...so we don't know each other yet...but, like many others have already said--I would be happy to be your friend!

  • MrMoe

    Joelbear!!! So happy you are doing better darling! *kiss kiss*

  • FrankyFourVests

    Jeolbear where did you go? I gained 80 pounds for you and braided my backhair and you just up and vanish. Men!

  • scootergirl

    viv wrote:

    remember that te future holds many possibilities, including love, happiniess and peace. Never give up hope

    I second that. Know that you are amongst friends here. It makes my heart warm to know that there are so many of us out here together that truely care for each other. For years I felt "alone", sad, angry......my world was destroyed as I knew it and I, too, cried many many tears for my family. Please don't go it alone like many of us had to....we are all here for you.

  • breeze

    Can I be your friend????

    BREEZE ????

  • els

    Joelbear, Don't worry about the tears, I find myself doing the same thing and I usually don't know why. I will be having a pretty good day and then out of the blue I'm just sobbing my heart out. I hope it's just part of the process.
    I'm relieved that you are not feeling as suicidal, it's a really scary thing. I've only ever had sort of stray thoughts about ending it and I've always immediately thought it was nuts. Still the thought was there and it scared the shit out of me. Then I get pissed off that anyone, my family included, could have that kind of power over me.
    So I'm doing the best I can, enjoying my husband and kids, and tentatively reaching out to make new friends. I hope you can do the same. I keep listening to the U2 song "Stuck in a Moment".
    "And if the night runs over
    And if the day won't last
    And if your way should falter
    Along the stormy pass
    It's just a moment
    This time will pass.

    You've got to get yourself together
    You've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of it
    Don't say that later will be better now
    You're stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it"

    Don't know why but it makes me cry but feel better too. els

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