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  • hoser

    I think cappytan has it right

    "As an undercover fader, here is myparanoid speculation (emphasis on the paranoid): they knew you know TTATT and were seeing if you would say anything incriminating."

    They could have been setting a trap for you. If you told ttatt to your wife she may be so concerned for your "spirituality" that she brought it up to the CO.

    What is your position in the congregation anyway that you had lunch 2 times with the CO's and COWS? Usually those spots are reserved for the elite. They are on to you and you played your cards right by not saying too much.

    I have an asshole brother in law who is an elder. When I see him at family gatherings he always brings up something to me about 1975 or circuit overseer pensions or child abuse to get me to bite. Good thing I can see through his bullshit.

  • JustVisting
    I suspect it was a set-up to see if you would bite. A substitute CO is generally a younger pioneer chomping at the bits to get his hypochondriac wife on the WT Health Care Plan. I can't imagine that this brother would so blatantly put himself out there as a doubter. I don't buy it.
  • OnTheWayOut
    The substitude added that it is indeed the WT being on trial here, because they were
    apperently trying to keep the brothers from going to the authorities. .....
    Now the real CO tried to shoot it down, saying that the elders would never tell the parents not to go to the
    police and the allegations have no claim.

    That's Watchtower history reinventing itself. Regardless of past policy, they throw more current policy in the faces of members (even CO's) so often that they believe Watchtower never tried to prevent going to the police. It will work on members but the public, certainly the Australian public, will hear otherwise via the questioning. And since otherwise is the truth, it will stick with the public worldwide that JW's avoid reporting.

  • umbertoecho

    I know you were being set up. I had the elder here with his wife two months ago and since then they have religiously arrived every weekend.

    I had this elder start the topic of child sexual abuse topic straight away. No preamble just straight to this topic. I told him it was not a discussion I wanted to have with him or anyone else. The bloody wife had this gadget, it blinked a red light which caught my attention. Then I realised with amazement that she was recording me with her voice activated tablet. I think that's what you call them.

  • hoser

    Then I realised with amazement that she was recording me with her voice activated tablet. I think that's what you call them.

    that sounds about right for the tower

  • 1Averagejoe
    In a cult.... Trust no one.
  • nevaagain


    the first lunch was private at our place, the second lunch was at a restaurant after the sunday meeting with everybody from the congragation who wanted to join. maybe i should have added this information into my posting, sorry.

    anyway I dont think i was being setup and if yes i dont think i said anything which could incriminate me.

    this whole thing seemed surreal though ... i had to pinch myself because i thought i am still dreaming

  • TheListener

    Umertoecho, that's really underhanded for a wife to do. That would definitely damage my trust in my spouse. What I don't get is if she knows you say things she considers "apostate" or whatever, why does she need to record you, especially if you were being recorded while talking to two elders? Sorry to hear about your situation.

    Nevaagain, still, to know TTATT and have to attend meetings, meetings for field service, CO lunches (two of them in one week!!!!) and all the rest would just kill me. I couldn't do it. I give you credit for doing whatever you have to do in your life to stay sane. Just be sure to care for yourself and make sure you are happy too. It's not always about everyone else, sometimes it's just about us.

  • millie210

    I dont think you were being set up at all.

    A set up would by necessity imply that there is some type of plan.

    Instead what we are seeing is mass belief that "we are Gods chosen and therefore right." thus the bafflement and confusion.

    There are many good people in the middle/lower Org. I think the crap flows straight from the top and who it hits and how thick it coats them is highly individualized.

  • nevaagain
    TheListener yea I can see where you are coming from. But being a born in, baptised now for 20 years it might be easier. I dont have any other friends outside of the WT, I dont have family outside of the WT. I am not ready to leave everything behind, be shunned from my family and friends ... still working on the exit plan

    sad thing is, i have known the TTATT since before I got married, forgot everything when I moved away from home because it was easy to make new friends in the WT then i met my future wife in the new congregation ...

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