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  • oppostate

    My wife is also quite loyal to the Org. This sounds like something she would do.

    I believe she volunteered to feed them lunch by asking the elders to do it and mentioning how it would help you to have these highly spiritual brothers at the dinner table, (maybe some of their spiritual mojo would rub off on you : - )

    The COBE appraised the CO of who it is that he'd be eating lunch with--a faithful sister and an weak brother who is troubled over child abuse situations in the JW religion.

    The CO and the sub-CO talked before hand about their having lunch at your place and discussed what the COBE said about you and your wife's situation.

    The sub-CO brought up the subject to try and draw you out. His wife just went along with it, or was made aware of this situation by her husband.

    You were wise to keep mostly quiet and listen without getting exposed. The CO will likely tell the COBE how the lunch went and what his opinion of you and your situation was.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Two of the elders who testified before the commission, Rooy and Bowditch, admitted their true feelings on matters apart from WT standards but did not act on them.

    Rooy said he believed BCG's claims of abuse and was angry despite the 2 witness rule.

    Bowditch said he would tell a worldly friend about the abuser to protect his family if the abuser was disfellowshipped.

    Neither would protect fellow congregants but still felt the correct feelings in opposition to WT policy. Therefore it doesn't surprise me that the substitute CO would be so pissed and shocked to say something. I don't think he has to be on the way out to do so. I hope the substitute CO will be on the way out once the regular CO attempts to shut down his human kindness in defense of the WT juggernaut.

    Neither of those two Aussie elders are on the way out, just unable to acknowledge the correctness of their outrage to any advantage to themselves or others.

  • Oubliette

    the substitute CO brought the topic about child abuse in Australia up

    Well that's curious. He'll never make regular CO acting like that!

    Now the real CO tried to shoot it down, saying that the elders would never tell the parents not to go to the
    police and the allegations have no claim.

    Damage control. And yet, instead of not discouraging people from going to the authorities, the elders should be reporting it themselves.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious
    The sub was baiting you. Simple.

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