Satan...Why wasn't he destroyed right AWAY??

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    WOW, people this gets pretty heated. go back to the set up
    question for a momment. Oh before that somebody said
    Satan was made in GODS image can that person show
    me where they get that from. Man was made in GODS
    image not angels unless you know something I don't.
    Also we are always saying Satan was question GODS
    right to rule, was he? Or was he mad that God but man
    in charge of everything on earth GEN:1:25-30. He was just
    going to show GOD that the LORDS chioce of man over
    himself[SATAN] was the wrong chioce. Man was going to
    rule himself by that passage, wasn't he. After all man was
    in GODS image. For the sweet person whos all out of sorts
    about a cruel world, relax there is a lot of good in the world
    to. That baby you saw is now in a spiritual setting at peace
    in the arms of the Lord. I felt like you do for a long time as
    your friend quotes beatle songs just "Let it Be" HE will take
    care of all the suffering. My favorite passage in the BIBLE
    is good ol' Peter asking well what about him[JOHN] my Lord.
    The simplest of quotes follow; Don't worry about him, you
    Peter just "FOLLOW ME" . To me one of the greatest lines the Lord ever said. I say it to myself daily Mark don't worry about
    that just follow me.

  • pomegranate


    "Because of no nail, the horseshoe got lost,
    Because of no horseshoe, the horse got lost,
    Because of no horse, the rider got lost,
    Because of no rider, the battle got lost,
    Because of no battle, the kingdom got lost"

    Naomi, let me relate an illustration that I have been given. I am going to use the example of a pendulum.

    God created a pendulum. The pendulum was to be a tool. The ultimate goal of the tool was for a piece of God to die, so as to equalize a scale that had become unbalanced.

    That pendulum was mankind. Let's call mankind the world in the sense that the globe is a great shape for a pendulum.

    When God created the pendulum, it wasn't in motion. As a matter of fact, he held it tightly in his hands, steady and motionless. The pendulum was Good, and it was held ALL the way to the RIGHT. There was what seemed like a little string attached to the pendulum, invisible to all except God, and this was attached around the neck of His Only Begotten Son.

    A false God contaminated the pendulum with corruption, right under the Creators nose in full view of Him. That corruption in so many words was; "Don't listen to him, listen to ME. You can be God and do what YOU think is best for yourself." The only purpose behind this beings intentions, was to satisfy his selfish desire to "be God", at the expense of others lives.

    The ground work was set for the elimination of the problem (The Cause) by this new creation (The pendulum, us). When the "I Am God" challenge was made, there was one rule in place for the pendulum. That rule was, obedience or I let go(death). The height (value)at which that pedulum was held by God was VERY VERY high.

    Regardless of the height (value) at which God placed on this new creation though, the RESISTOR contaminated it WITHOUT regard for any other life (Us). HE CAUSED something to happen. He caused the breaking of the first LAW. By him introducing "corruption", he caused God to LET GO of the pendulum, because it was no longer His creation, it was the Resistors creation, STOLEN away by corruption. God HAD to let it go. He released it from His hands. The world was about to start it's swing away from God. It's now junk.

    Now the pendulum starts to swing to the left. As the pedulum picks up momentum and swings left, bad things start to happen. The second bad thing to happen as the pendulum left God's hands was the first murder (Cain and Abel), whose CAUSE was Satan. ALL of the bad things that happen to the pendulum as it gets further and further from God, are a direct result of THE CAUSE. THE CAUSE is the ONLY reason for the "letting go" of the pendulum, the CAUSE is the reason for all Bad.

    When the pendulum was closer to God, at the beginning of the "letting go", God was more involved with the pendulum by way of Him showing His existence by way of punctuated interventions. Why? Because the pendulum was "closer" to the truth of "the beginning." Some of these interventions ment early death to corrupt mankind. Though we may not fully understand His reasoning for eliminating of what seems like "innocent" individuals, we can be sure that it was justified.

    We do know a lot of the false gods of the early Bible times had a high disregard for life, like the sacrificing of innocent children to Satan (Molech), by burning them in fire. Would each of the times God executed judgement on people like this, be justifiable? Also, we have to remember, that from Adam forward ALL are corrupt, deserving of death even before anyone is even born. Too, we have to ALWAYS keep in mind WHO the CAUSE of ALL THAT IS WRONG really is. Should the blame be put on the one who HAD to let go, or the one who CAUSED the letting go?

    Yes, God is permitting the pendulum to swing away from him. Remember God did not cause the letting go.

    As the pendulum swings further and further away from God, God seems to have less and less to do with the pendulum. The last time God seemed to have ANY concern for the pendulum was when the TEACHER who's neck the string was attached to, came to earth to explain THE CAUSE and EFFECT. He also explained that what swings away from God, will eventually swing back, because the string was tied around his own neck. He even knew and taught that the weight and momentum of that pendulum was eventually going to choke him to death, but He knew the Good that was to come from the return of the pendulum back to it's rightful owner.

    The pendulum was at the very bottom of it's travel away from God. The TEACHER was on the pendulum in flesh, at fastest point of travel, the very bottom of it's plunge. The pendulum is also moving at it's fastest speed at this point in time. The truth of the TEACHER and THE CAUSE are now known. The CAUSE trys to stop the pendulum (temptation), but there is too much weight and momentum behind it. The spiritual inertia behind it cannot be stopped.

    After the the TEACHER left the pendulum in death, it seemed that all concern for the pendulum by God was gone. God was silent. He just seems to let the pendulum swing endlessly away from Him without concern or care. (He even let's little babies die in India) The pendulum is starting to enter it's furthest point away from God, and oddly, God is silent. So very silent.

    Finally, the pendulum begins to finish it's trek up hill to it's eventual FULL SWING to the left...

    Then, something funny happens with the laws of physics when a pendulum reaches it's full swing from the starting point. For a split second, IT STOPS. There's a HUGE weight shift. The pendulum that had become a noisy crashing death dealing wrecking ball as it plummeted from it's starting point on the RIGHT, stands still and silent, as the inertia inside it shifts from left to right. Everybody in the universe holds their breath.

    Rev 8:1
    8:1 When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

    For every ACTION, there is an EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION. What goes around, comes around. A pendulum ALWAYS returns to the point that it started.

    Every single BAD thing that happened to the pendulum as it swung away from God from the start, begins becoming UNDONE. On it's way back from RIGHT to left, ALL THE WRONGS ARE RIGHTED. Everything that LEFT God even without choice, returns home. (Dead babies in India are even brought back to life) The once wrecking ball pendulum, reverses itself and becomes the TIME PIECE of God. A Spiritual ROLEX. He loves his pendulum, every composite piece of it. What initially looked like a piece of garbage in the beginning, was in fact made out of solid Gold you know. What looked like a string attached to it was actually a chain of solid PLATINUM. That piece of God that held the pendulum around His neck, was His very own Son. He is the One who saved the pendulum by carrying the weight (value) of it's contents (Us) around His very neck. He died for the pendulum.

    Naomi, do you get the picture? God is silent. The pendulum is near full swing. The ride back to the RIGHT is going to be AWESOME. EVRYTHING WRONG WILL BE RIGHTED. IF YOU SENSE SOMETHING WRONG in your human justice, be assured that God, who GAVE YOU that very attribute knows JUSTICE FULL WELL and way more than you and I.

    The pedulum was let go because of hate. A string was attached because of Love.

    PS. I heard the pendulum is going to be used in an AWESOME grandfather clock!


  • nogs

    You really are pulling out all of the stops, or is you just want to avoid answering my question???? Look the fact that it seems as though God mihgt right the wrongs to mankingd, seems like a good theory, but don't we teach our own children not to be bad but be good, i.e to be good in the first place is better than an apology afterwards????? For many people this is the life they have, they don't always have the Good life that we are fortunate to have. you can reconcile it to yourself that God will right the wrong done to these people who suffer everyday, even going to bed to wonder if they will be alive tommorrow. You are lucky in a way, you don't have to think of these people because when you do you have the excuse that these people are unfortunate but God will right it. If you want to live you life were you always think that God will right oneday every wrong that you see then you know your just as bad at all those others that watch and notice them but do mothing to help them. Truly if you are as passionate about human life as you say you are you would be out there in a third world telling them and helping them. I think that you couldn't do it. I mean if you can say right now that you can say to man in India, whose poor and ill, if you can go and say to that m you know his life is not good now but that God will right this wrong to him and all the generations before him, then I'd shake you hand myself but you wouldn't be able to do that. This whole concept that God will right the wrongs is a way of letting people off the hook from actually doing anything or even taking responsibility. I say that until you have spent at least a month around these people and then say god is merciful, maybe then I'd believe you. You who probably have nice clothes to wear, nice food to eat, and even you who has technology at their fingertips.

  • pomegranate
    just want to avoid answering my question????

    All of your questions have been answered. I am now at the point of not "pulling out all the stops", but putting my pearls before swine, no more replies.

    Don't Love God Naomi, your choice.

    The answer God gave me satisfies me. If it doesn't satisfy you, live your life in the perplexed state of quandary your posts very obviously reveal.

  • ianao

    nogs said:

    just want to avoid answering my question????

    pomegranate responded:

    ...putting my pearls before swine, no more replies.

    I would say that the questions were avoided.

  • pomegranate
    I would say that the questions were avoided

    And what question id that ianao?

  • pomegranate

    No Naomi, one more reply, you deserve it.

    You don't even know me. Your saying just because I'm not sitting in the lowest bowels of poverty in India, with death at my door step that I'm a no brainer and an _sshole, right?

    Tell me all about my life Naomi. Tell me what pomegranate has seen and felt. You obviously know all things about me. Sticking my nose in the crap of the earth like a dog being house trained. Pomegranate has experienced known injustices. But, only Naomi can see ALL things because she knows better than God. Heck, she probably is God. Well God Naomi tell me...

    Tell me all about sexual abuse with children Naomi. Tell me all about the suicide of a 15 year old boy that put a gun to his head God Naomi. Tell me all about drug and alcohol abuse and the extreme violence and madness that accompanies it. How much death has pomegranate dealt with in his life God Naomi? How much? You know right? You know all things. Your fully versed in the above topics too right God Naomi? Just like pomegranate? You in your infinite wisdom and experience, you know that these are nothing compared to dead babies in India. Right?

    Ahh. But Naomi's going to say, pomegranate, your pissy life doesn't count. What you feel and see is meaningless and doesn't count. It does not compare with a dead baby in India. You have technology, so what you feel is nothing. You wear pants. Your feelings and experiences suck pomegranate, compared to India. You eat food.

    It's only what God Naomi sees that is wrong with the world, is what's truly unjust. Since she is God Naomi and all knowing, she can condemn people for putting hope and faith in something that can fix everything.

    It would seem to me that your verbal condemnation is a step or two before physical condemnantion. That is how it works, you know, first the verbal then the physical.

    So God Naomi, everybody else is a numb skull, and doesn't experience injustice and the ills of the world at all. Especially the ones that believe in God.

    God Naomi, tell pomegranate all about pomegranate will you please?

  • ianao

    pomegranate asked:

    And what question id that ianao?

    my reply: nogs question to you was:

    A god that kills, is that the God that you still love?????

    By explanations of pendulums, etc. You have carefully avoided the original question. A question cannot be properly answered by assuming another's acceptance of your assumptions (most aren't mind readers).

    BTW, you should not be so condensending pomegranate. Some would consider your pious faith in a book that's been handed down from generation to generation to be superstitious nonsense. And your defenses of a book because that very same book says so is a paradox in itsself. (Call it riteous justification if it helps you sleep better at night, it's your life, you live it they way you wish to.)

    Also, if you are going to have an anti-know-it-all attitude toward a poster, you should at least consider that you've posted on a public forum for all to see.

  • pomegranate
    A god that kills, is that the God that you still love?????

    That is not the god I love. The description above is Satan.
    I do not love that god. The cause of death is Satan. Life begets life, death begets death.

    By explanations of pendulums, etc. You have carefully avoided the original question

    The pendulum answers the question matter of factly. Death was introduced by a false god. We are on a "ride" that has the bad mixed with the good. That ride does not justify sitting around doing nothing by way of giving help to those who have less in life. Like it has been insinuated to me as what I am doing. (Talk about condescending and presuming.) I do what I can around me, in my own little space, to the best of my ability.

    Look all you folks that want to point your fingers at God do so. It's your choice. You may think it's a sign of bravery or courage or whatever. If y'all feel you know more than God and if that's what makes y'all feel good, do it.

    you should at least consider that you've posted on a public forum for all to see.

    So should we all right?

    PS. The one who gives life can take away life. If he takes a life away, the removal of such will be fully justified. I do love that God, who gave us all that sense of justice, who some are using to condemn the Creator. Whatever.

  • nogs



    P.S don't forget to let the mortals know where you have posted it!!!!

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