I can fool everybody with my religion!

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  • trevor


    Sorry I called you dim, It must have been something I ate.
    It's good to have you around. I hope you enjoy the friends you meet here.


  • mensa163

    No I don't know the Wright Bros. home town. If you don't tell me soon it will bug me to death.
    What is "The Hood?"
    Sounds like a nice town,quite,private etc.
    The Wright's had a mansion? Did they make any money on the airplane?

  • larc


    The Wright brothers lived in Dayton Ohio. Their father was a bishop in the Bretheren church. They lived modestly and the Wright brothers developed their designs and made their parts in a shop where they manufactured bicycles. Before inventing the airplane, they invented the wind tunnel and discovered that the numbers related to wing lift take from glidder flights were wrong by as much as 50%. With out this data, they may not have been successful. At the same time the government gave another inventor a grant of 200,000, which was a huge sum in th 1903. This inventor launched his plane off a pier on the Patomic river. It traveled about ten feet and fell live a brick into the river. So much for government programs.

    After the Writght brother's first flight, they made continuous improvements. Unfortunely, they were slowed down by the many patent infringement cases they had to fight in the courts. However, because of their tanacity, both as inventors and as defenders of their work, they became wealthy. Their mansion is in Oakwood, a small city that borders Dayton. A few years ago, the city of Dayton wanted to develope a "scatter park". The idea was to take various Wright brother locations and advertise them to tourists. The city of Oakwood and its residents said no, stay out of our neighborhood. The term "hood" is a slang expression used in black neighborhoods for the word neighborhood.

    Next question: Why does Martin Sheen, another Daton native, have one son named Sheen and another son name Estevez? Again, no peeking in the books.

  • rabotnik

    Welcome Mensa163 -- glad you're on board.

    But man am I a bloody mess! I thought you were writing Menses163! Call me Mental38.

    Hey Trevor,

    I've been buying old folk music records and recently bought a Buffy Sainte-Marie album that must be paleolithic. Anyway, it had your quote on it:

    'I was an oak, now I'm a willow I can bend.'

    It's from a song called "Until It's Time For Me To Go." Is that the original source or was she quoting or alluding to some previous text?

    The best to all,

  • trevor


    I don't know where the saying first came from but I heard it
    many years ago - sung by Elvis. The song meant a lot to me at the time
    as I knew I would leave the WT and the lyrics fitted how I felt.
    I have the quote as my signature on this forum but haven't used it before.

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