I can fool everybody with my religion!

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  • mensa163

    Whether I am a Lutheran, Catholic, Jehovahs Witness, Mormon Jew or any other religion I can play the part quite well. As a matter of fact most of us can. I can be regular at my places of worship, give generously , teach sunday school, read my
    bible in private and in public. I am able to lead a reasonably clean lifestyle with a minimum of sin. I can fool myself or anybody I encounter. My elders are pleased with my performance and give me much credit. However there is one area that I get cornered every time. It is "What Do I Believe About Christ" I have only the choice of believer or a non believer , I cannot fool even myself in this area and for sure I cannot fool God. God sure must have a lot of wisdom because he nails us down to choose one or the other. Years ago I was annoyed at how often the Bible mentioned the importance of being a believer in Jesus , it seemed too simple, no works required initially. No religions required. Now I see God's wisdom in everything hinging on being a believer first and all good Christian works are an add-on and not a requirement.

    I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and I accept him as my Lord and Savior and I ask that he will forgive my sins and seal me for eternal life as promised in the New Testament. Any additional good works I do will just be a bonus.

    I look forward to any comments you may have. Thanks

  • larc

    Mensa person,

    There is a forum here for beliefs and one for Bible research. Your thoughts woudl be better placed there. The main forum is primarily for new introductions and the concerns of those who are or where Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Regarding your name: there are several mensa members here and a number with advanced degrees who never bothered to join, as well as very intelligent people who do not have degrees because of the early religious influence on them. I think that using the mensa title is a bit audacious for a humble Christian.

  • trevor


    For someone so bright you're rather dim.

    'I was an oak, now I'm a willow I can bend.'

  • mensa163

    I do not claim to be a humble Christian and will not try to be. Because I use Mensa163 as my title does not make me think I am some type of genius and my apologies to you. I consider myself an ordinary person who loves to read and research especially the Bible. If I cannot state my position in this forum what is the point. However I will take your advice and see if there is a more appropriate area for my comments. I thank you for your message. As far as names I could define Lark as a beautiful bird or someone doing foolish pranks. I do not judge you either way...to me it is just a user name!.....Here's hoping you are a beautiful bird!!

  • larc


    I am not suggesting that you leave this site. I am suggesting that you place your subject under the appropriate category. The number of people listed to post has more than tripled in 4 months. We are just trying to keep it organized, so that it easier for new and old alike to read what they are interested in.

    Regarding my name: I am both a beautiful bird and a silly goose. Multiple personalities, I guess.

  • perfectpie


    I liked your post. It takes a big mind to say a lot using a little.
    How funny that the only reply to your mind was rules. Hey, you posted in the wrong place! Not only that but a chance to mindlessly Judge, "Why are you called Mensa if you are a christian", listen to Jesus please, "Extract the straw first from your own eye"
    Anyways, don't let little minds keep you from sharing your indepth thoghts, I can use them.

    "The legions of the stupid are invincible and shall be with us for a long time, but the terror of their tyranny is alleviated by their lack of consistency" Einstein Chow 3.14

  • BadAssociate

    mensa - WRONG

    belonging to the wtbts and fulfilling all its policies is the only means of salvation according to the bible


  • Prisca


    I agree with your sentiments. The WTS fails to understand the simple commandments Jesus gave. Instead, they act like the Pharisees and put rules upon more rules.

    Welcome to the DB, by the way.

  • mensa163

    I am new at this forum and I regret my choice of usernames. As I was filling out the registration form I just picked my last IQ test mark lying on the table. This is the highest score I have achieved so far. Usually I am between 140-143. A bit above average but certainly not genius. There are many things I am not very good at, believe me. I am going to change my user name to Bell47 which is the model of helicopter I am licsenced to fly but rarely can afford. At one time in my life I probably tried to get up to heaven in the helicopter but it didn't work......ha!!....I believe the answer can be found in the New Testament and hope to focus on this in future discussion.Many people on these pages include a quote so I also will tell you mine. It was written by Igor Sikorsky, one of the first successfull helicopter designers in the USA.

    Lose your money and you have lost little.....
    Lose your health and you lose much............
    Lose your soul and you lose everything.......

    bell47 (former mensa163)

  • ZazuWitts

    Welcome to the forum Mensa Arnie. It's just another opinion, but if you elected to post under 'Mensa' - fine and dandy!

    I appreciated your post and will be looking forward to further posts from you - I guess in the 'belief' category.

    Pie: A 'suggestion' is not a 'rule.'
    :) :)

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