Could the Independent Inquiry in England and Wales expose's child abuse failures? And how can we help?

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  • Vidiot
    If you want a UK follow-up to the Australian RC, then link, "Like", and hashtag the shit out of it.
  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    What does the above post mean?

    We need to encourage anyone who was abused (whilst they were a JW especially) to contact the Inquiry.

    What is the best way to put this (approximate) message out there? >>


    Were you a Jehovah's Witness in England or Wales? Or did you or your family attend meetings, or associate with them?

    If you experienced sexual abuse as a child and the elders did nothing about it, please contact the Independent Inquiry.

    "We want to hear from:

    ..anyone who was sexually abused as a child in an institutional setting like a care home, a school or a religious, community or state organisation, or who first came into contact with their abuser in an institutional setting

    ..anyone who was sexually abused as a child, and reported their sexual abuse to a person in authority, like a police officer or teacher [or ELDERS], where the report was ignored or not properly acted on"

    You can share your experience anonymously and in confidence, here is the page if you want to help out:

    And this explains how the Inquiry will work:


    Please help out, guys. I don't use social media, and I'm tired of posting and getting nowhere..

    Please post if you have shared this information on Facebook etc.

    Or if you know someone who could be willing to share their experience.

    I hope this was worthwhile..

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    And perhaps we could add:

    "If you fill in the online form, you have taken the first step towards the Watchtowers failure to protect children, and their many cover-ups , being exposed publically.

    It is even possible their representatives may be called to a public hearing (like with the Australian Royal Commission), if people come forward.

    You can help to bring this about. "

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    General questions
    If you wish to ask a question about the Inquiry or if you have information to support our investigations please get in touch:

    Call our helpline on 0800 917 1000
    Email us:[email protected]
    Write to us:Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, PO Box 72289, London, SW1P 9LF

    I sent them the following email, if anyone's interested..

    Your Contact Us page says:
    "if you have information to support our investigations please get in touch:
    Call our helpline on 0800 917 1000Email us:[email protected]
    Write to us:Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, PO Box 72289, London, SW1P 9LF "
    Can you please explain exactly what that means?

    What type of information could support your investigations?

    Does this mean only personal experiences about whoever you are looking into at the time, or does it mean if someone knew of internal policies within an organisation that helped to facilitate the covering-up of child sexual abuse?

    Please can you state clearly whether you are referring to just experiences we have had ourselves, or do you also want information about policies or procedures (when dealing with perpetrators of child sexual abuse) that can leave children open to further abuse, such as people remaining in a position of trust and responsibility within a religious organisation even after having admitted to abusing a child in the past?

    Or perhaps a offender repeatedly sexually abusing children and yet not being reported to the authorities by overseers within a religious organisation that knew of their crimes?

    Here are a couple of examples of what I am talking about, so that I can make it clear what I am asking:
    I am sorry if I have missed the point of your contact page and wasted your time. Thank you for listening.

    May take a while for them to reply..

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I have shared the link in the UK ex JW group.
  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Excellent Mickey, thank you.

    Can anybody else share the Independent Inquiry contact link via social media / other forums?


  • defender of truth
  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Or you can email the Inquiry with information or any questions you have...

    Email us:

    [email protected]

  • BluesBrother

    I sent them an e mail on their "contact" facility. I am not a victim but just suggested they include J W's . I received this reply : (Retyped)

    " Dear Mr xxxxxxxxx
    Thank you for contacting the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse,on xx xx xx, via our website.
    The Inquiry has been set up to consider whether State and non State institutions (which would include the Jehovah's Witness religion) have failed to protect children from sexual abuse. The panel are currently considering what specific institutions will be looked into by the Inquiry. Your suggestion that the Inquiry should look into the Jehovah's Witness religion has been logged and may be considered further.
    You may wish to follow the progress of the Inquiry on our website at .......
    Yours sincerely

    So there we are...get your e mails in .......

  • notsurewheretogo

    A commission in Scotland demanded that the Catholic Church apologize for abuse...and they did today.

    The JW's should be next on their list!

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