Is Bald Beautiful?

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  • jack2

    After I got a haircut recently, a look in the mirror revealed a little too much recession of my hairline for comfort. I saw that 'horseshoe' shape atop my head. So, while I was away, I got my head buzzed. I have no pics to post, but most folks who see me seem to like the new do. I have been noticing for a long time now that guys who get buzzed or shaved actually look less 'balding' since the recession in their hairline seems less obvious.

    So gals, guys, what do you think? Do guys who have a receding hairline usually look better with the buzz cut/shaved head? Does that type of cut make it less obvious that they are balding?

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    hey jack

    well, i'd like to say since you're a great relationship and have some ladies after you already anyways, to just do whatever YOU think looks best. BUTTTTT since you asked for us girl's opinions, i must say baldness/shaved head or LONNNNNNNNG hair is the sexiest . no in betweens for me.


    Jack...just do what I did...let your eyebrows grow long & then comb 'em back. Works great.


  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    LOL bonez!!!!!!

  • Prisca

    I think it particularly suits guys who are 35+ for some reason. If it looks good on you Jack, then go for it.

  • Matty

    It seems to be cool to be hairy, and it's also cool to be bald. Whatever it's cool to be, I aint it!

  • jack2

    Hi Mango! ....thanks you cutie!

    Bonezz, funny suggestion....I'll have to run that one by my daughter, she'll get a laugh.

    Prisca - well, I am of the 35+ class, and I sure do like the convenience and feel of it. Plus, since my wife does the cutting, getting a buzz razor will make things easier for her.

    Matty - good 'toon!

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  • BeelzeDub

    god only created a few perfect heads..... the rest he had to cover over with hair.

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  • scootergirl
  • BeautifulGarbage

    I'm ok with anything, but the comb over.

    Donald Trump seems to have a most elaborate comb over. He must have a whole staff dedicated to maintaining it. The guy dates supermodels, but I'll willing to wager that NONE of them ever stay the night! The scene in the morning would just be too horrifying!


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